Shepherd of Truth

Story Behind The Song

So much today seems backwards, upside-down. The mood of the verses reflect the pessimism. The chorus offers up the hope, faith and truth!

Song Description

I am grateful to Karen Elizabeth. I met Karen, a local singer songwriter in San Diego. I felt she had a great voice for this song. Karen did not disappoint. She was instrumental in working out the harmonies needed to deliver the right balance and message in this song of hope.

Song Length 3:22 Genre Folk - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Subject Spirituality


When walls are crumbling, and your ego's humbling and you don't know who to blame.

I can help you ease your pain

When the world is quaking and your faith is shaken, you're going half insane.

When you just can't fake it, cause your standing naked, before the judge and jury

Don't you fret, don't you worry

Just take my hand, and understand, I will always be with you.
Just take my hand, You'll be my lamb, I'll be your shepherd of truth.

When up is down, an eternal frown, is perched upon your face

Don't you hang your head in disgrace

When good is bad, happy is sad, bright colors turn to gray

When the truth is a lie, and you just can't find, silver lining anywhere

And you fall into despair

Just close your eyes and you will see, the vision of her destiny

Just listen closely and you will hear, these words I whisper in your ear

"Shepherd Of Truth" is a good, original Folk-inspired, Carpenter-esque spiritual song with an uplifting message of hope in your fellow human beings.

This artist reminds me of HoneyTree. Or Barbie Sipple. (Maybe you don't know who they are; I'm dating myself). I just love the clear, honest, Christ-loving, sweet and sincere quality of this song. It's so inviting, so full of the Savior's love. It's also communicating forgiveness and redemption. I could hear it/feel it in every cleverly, carefully crafted lyric. Great rhyming: crumbling/humbling; quaking/shaking; fake it/naked. Love your originality! I would definitely like to hear more of your songs, sweet sister! Mrs. Kate

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Wolfgang Grasekamp Performance Vocals-Karen Elizabeth. Guitar-Randall Mark. Keyboards-Wolfgang Grasekamp

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