Songs That Just Make Me Happy!

Jo Ann Hudson
Don't Tear Down My Goodwill Store
Blues - Rock
Plays: 666
Penny Towers
Nothing More
Unique - General
Plays: 137
I was born in Kentucky--sung by--LAURA CLAPP
Country - Honky Tonk
Plays: 1,109
Jo Ann Hudson
Kick Out Some Blues
Blues - Rock
Plays: 229
Hayley Noelle
You Shine on Me
Pop - Religious
Plays: 221
Jo Ann Hudson
Just North Of South Street
Jazz - Swing
Plays: 450
Penny Towers
Channel Cat (Live Block Party Club Mix)
Blues - General
Plays: 235
jack mctamney
World - General
Plays: 403

Plays: 0
Julianne Buccino and Chris DeMaria (a.k.a. Two Songwriters)
Heart Exploding
Pop - Dance
Plays: 119
Susan Witzel
Thing 4 Ya
Pop - General
Plays: 202
Penny Towers
Wallet With Ya ? (remix swing band arrangement)
Pop - General
Plays: 342
The Quixote Project
Folk - Bluegrass
Plays: 111
Jo Ann Hudson
I Talk Back Too Much
Blues - Rock
Plays: 132
The Quixote Project
Folk - Americana
Plays: 203
calvin mcfarland
Blues - Country
Plays: 20
Donovan Tucker
I Found You
Country - Americana
Plays: 1,343
Abram Band
Good Java©
World - South American
Plays: 61
Penny Towers
Great Day With Possibility (featuring Jim Clark)
Pop - General
Plays: 200
Penny Towers
Bright Days Ahead (featuring Jim Clark)
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 162
Crosseyed Miles
Doin' Just Fine
Pop - Standards
Plays: 366
Let's Play!
Pop - General
Plays: 334
Greg Johnson
Got a Feelin'
Jazz - Big Band
Plays: 38
Greg Johnson
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Plays: 41

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