Nothing More

Song Description

Song about hypnotic playboy.

Song Length 1:18 Genre Unique - General, Unique - Unclassified
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Nothing More
(c) Penny Towers

I was a fool to fall in love
Never going to fall again
I met you through a friend of mine
Through a friend of a friend of a friend
I've seen the way the women look
When you walk through the door
I'm never going to kiss your lips again
But I'll take a spin around the dancing floor
But nothing more!

I'm never going to hold my arms around you
Never in a million years
Never going to hold my arms around you
It's only going to bring me tears
I've seen the way their eyes light up
When you walk through the door
I'm never going to give my heart to you
But I'll take a spin around the dancing floor
But nothing more!

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Penny Towers Wilber
Producer Dennis Wilber Performance Penny Towers Wilber and David Montgomery
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