Got a Feelin'

Story Behind The Song

Song about ecstasy from a new love

Song Length 3:04 Genre Jazz - Big Band
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Blissful Subject Attracted, Crush
Similar Artists Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble Language English
Era 1940 - 1949


Got a Feelin' (Broadway/Caberet)

I got a feelin'
There's something real about this love
My head is realin'
In a most unusual way
The blue skies never looked so blue
But I'm not blue today
I got a feelin'
And I like feelin' this way

The birds are singin'
Right outside of my window
And it's bringin'
A feelin' that's makin' my day
'Cause when I hear those birds just singin'
Feels like Summer's here to stay
I got a feelin'
And I like feelin' this way

I've had some painful yesterdays
Some loves that never bloomed
Gonna push those memories aside
Gonna make some more room

Sweet romance
Is rollin' down my avenue
A new chance
Gonna embrace a new day
And nothin's gonna stop me now
Here I come now, come what may
I got a feelin'
And I like feelin' this way

Wow, sounds amazing right away... the performances and production are very good. I love the drum track, top notch! Bass is sold and the big band sound just wonderful. Catchy song, by the second verse I am whistling along... very Barry Manilow which is a gift to this writer. accompaniment is great, just love the overall sound.

Instrumentation sounds great. Lyriss hook, and recording are all nice. Has a great feel. Good job!

Good, pleasant and uplifting piece that has broadway written all over it. Good instrumentation and pleasing vocals that hold it together real well.

It has a nice feel, and sounds definitely like songs of that era. Maybe a little more pop in the instrumentation. To bring it forward some. I think you have talent for this type of song/genre. The vocals are ok, but not great. Getting someone who is really adept at this genre to sing it would help. It would make a huge difference. I think with those changes this could be really good. Good luck. You have talent for this type of song.

What a Nice Project. Kudos all around. Break Out the Good Stuff!

It's a very engaging song. The instrumentation is great. The brass arrangement is very clever. I especially liked the instrumental bridge at 1.36. Lovely feel to the song. The vocalist delivers the song really well. Strong lyrics.

Lyrics Greg Johnson Music Greg Johnson
Producer Greg Johnson Publisher None
Performance Greg Johnson Label None
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