I Found You

Story Behind The Song

I had a near death experience in 2009. My wife was a rock during the ordeal , I couldn't have recovered without her support. This is a song of gratitude to her.

Song Description

As a songwriter , the obvious thing to do is express your love to your significant other in a song. But ,next thing you know , you get caught up in trying to write a "hit" , and you don't get around to expressing gratitude for too long. I finally sat down and focused on writing a love song to my wife. This is the outcome, I hope you like it.

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Blissful, Content Subject Gratitude, Relationship
Similar Artists Alan Jackson, Vince Gill Language English
Era 2000 and later


I Found You
© 2012 Donovan Tucker BMI

You were there when I was drowning
You pulled me back onto the shore
Like an angel watching over me
Now your love's all I live for

Every night I count my blessings
I say a prayer before I'm thru
And I thank Jesus ...once for my family
I thank him twice that I found you
Yeah.. Thank the Lord that I found you

Like a rose that blooms in winter
A splash of purple in the snow
You're the sunlight when the clouds clear
You shine on me and my love grows

Chorus ...

Bridge (solo)


Great voice and instrumental. song starts off well.

Beautiful song. Brilliant words, and awesome vocals. I love that you not only spoke of God, but particularly of Jesus as your Lord. I want this song on my playlist. Great job.

I dig what you're doing! Really enjoyed this one! My guess is that there is plenty of marketability to this song. Get out there. Sounds like something Nashville might put out.

How sweet does it get? I loved this tune from the intro on. It's a heartfelt love song laced with honesty and simplicity. It's memorable, it's real; it's a love song that has universal appeal. The instrumentation/production suits the song perfectly. The vocals are flawlessly clear, sung in a easy-going country style. The word pictures are vivid...loved the splash of purple against the snow. The spiritual aspect of the song was so appealing. Five stars all the way around!

Very nice instrumentation, great arrangement very nice lyrically very well written. the melody is very soothing this would be a great track for Vince Gill. I also hear this song in a motion picture sound track. A very uplifting song I believe it would be very well received by listeners on the radio, as there are plenty of music lovers that can definitely relate to this song.

I love the sound of this song right from the start. You got a great voice and lyric sense. It's honest and sweet. Nice arrangement. Well done.

super strong opening - great understated piano in intro - nice two part harmony - wow

performed by the right Country artist or group this track could achieve great things in the music marketplace. sounds like, tastes like a real Nashville production. wishing all good things as you pitch this gem.

Really nice sounding arrangement. I really like the instrumentation and vocals on this song. The song flows really well, lyrically and musically. Good production and song. I can see this having market potential if that is what you are aiming for. It almost has a TV/Documentary type feel too it as well.

really nice vcals and harmonies. touching lyrics

This is a beautiful song. The melody is pretty with good contrast between verse & chorus. Vocal pitch is spot on. Harmonies are great. Lyrics in first verse are great. You say a lot in few words and give us a vivid picture in our mind. Images in second verse are cool too. Chorus lyrics are good.

Love what you've done with this song!!!
Bout as good as it gets.
Wonderful melody. Production really showcases your writing.
Nicely done man!

Lyrics Donovan Tucker Music Donovan Tucker
Producer Jay Speight Publisher open
Performance Jay Speight (Vocal) Label open
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