That's What Country Is

Story Behind The Song

After listening to the Radio lately and so much of the "Bro Country" music that is playing, with Rap intertwined, I started missing the sound of what I consider Contemporary Country and what got me hooked on Country Music to begin with.

Song Description

Male Vocal, Mid-Tempo, Country Genre. Full Band Demo.

Song Length 3:24 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful Subject Heart, Country, Nation
Similar Artists Randy Houser, Travis Tritt Language English
Era 2000 and later


(c)2014 Nick Berry (BMI)

It ain't about drinkin' it up,
In the middle of a wheat field.
It ain't about lift up trucks,
And getting' mud on your wheels.

It's about losing everything you own,
After a Twister tears it down.
It's about everyone helping out,
And rebuilding their home town.
Oh, I tell you now -

(CHORUS): That's what Country is,
True to life.
As real as it gets.
Leaves you saying,
"Man, I've been there to."
No matter what you're
going through.
And at the end of the day,
feeling blessed.
That's what Country,
That's what Country is.

Taking a ride across country,
On a fast moving train.
Bustin' your back,
Tryin' to make a dollar,
And a Farmer praying for rain.

It's about flying that flag,
In your front yard all year long.
It's about saying what you believe in.
And standing strong.
Oh, and holding on - (Chorus)

BRIDGE: It 's when the whole town
shows up,
To welcome a Soldier home.
It's when you've been searching,
And you finally find the
perfect one. - (Chorus)

END: That's what Country,
That's what Country is.


I dig this track. Great guitar work. The vocals are spot on and tune is well written.

If you were aiming for a commercial radio-ready country hit, you hit the bullseye. All the musicians were on it. The arrangement is great and the vocals sell the song's message. You're on track for having a successful catalog with this!

Extremely well-produced, and the instruments are perfectly recorded and mixed. Lead vocal is just right and backing vocals suit the feel of the song and are also as tight as the instruments. Nice dynamic changes to go along with a memorable melody. Excellent song!

I love the vocalist! - shades of Ronnie Dunn - great presentation! I like the way the song delivers the "country" message message without being cliche'. Love the guitar work! Good song, good recording, good feel. Keep it up!

From the first note,you captured my attention. Great best and vibe, also no with fabulous heart filled vocals. Very professional production as well.
This song is clearly ready for placement, if it has not been placed already. Great work, and I would have liked be to heart more of your music!

Wow! Nice Song. At first I thought "Not another pick up truck song" But then I realized where you were going with it and it really works. Great job.

Really,really good. This should be on the radio, very well done!

Really nice voice, arrangement, and excellent production. Keep at it!!

Great song; great lyrics; very marketable for country radio and licensing

This is a very commercial country song. Great music with a wonderful modern country arrangement. Well crafted lyrics with powerful imagery in the verses that sets up the chorus hook well. Nice solid rhyme scheme with rhymes that are close together, pleasing to the ear. Good Hook. Fabulous arrangement, recording & mix with top notch instrumental performances. Sounds ready for the radio.

Dude! This is a hit! Nice vocals, great arrangement modern country sound! Loved it! Good luck!

A very high quality demo of a very well written archetypal modern country song. I really enjoyed listening to the track.

Lyrics Nick Berry Music Nick Berry
Producer The 515 Studio and Nick Berry Label None
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Tennessee #3
Production - Up Tempo #10
Country - Contemporary #9
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