Everybody's Got A Story

Story Behind The Song

The story came from passing by a homeless man everyday that I saw in local shopping center, hoping for a handout. It made me wonder what his story was?, how he got to be where he was?, and the realization that could happen to anyone of us.

Song Description

A simple Country song, with Acoustic Guitar and Male Vocals.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Moving Subject Fear, Poverty
Similar Artists Blake Shelton Language English
Era 2000 and later


(c) 2014 Nick Berry (BMI)

On my way to work each morning,
I pass the same old man.
Standing at a stoplight.
Holding a sign in his hand.

"I could sure use a little help,
If you can give, God Bless."
I can't help but wonder,
How his life ever came to this.

(CHORUS) Everybody's got a story.
Don't be so quick to judge.
'Cause underneath it all,
We're all the same.
We all go through some pain.
But everybody's had at least one moment of glory.
Yeah, Everybody's got a story.

Did he have a home and a family?
Did his job get sent overseas?
Did the bottle cost him everything?
'Til he fell down on his knees.

Sometimes I give a Dollar.
To help him on his way.
But for the grace of God go I.
That could be me one day. 'Cause (Chorus)

Everyone's got their reasons.
Everyone's got some demons. (Chorus)

Rpt. Last two lines of Chorus at end.

Love the story.....it's relative to today.....


Absolutely brilliant song-craftsmanship! Wonderful melody to go with a great story line and awesome acoustic guitars. I think out of 248 reviews I've done, I've given ONE perfect score -- but this make 2. Just awesome stuff!

I love this song, I have often thought about the homeless and how they got there. Very good sorry and great country voice.I really like this song, hope you send it out, I think you will have a hit. I would add a little more drums to make it more complete.

Triple WOW. I knew this song was a gem from the intro on. Every single word was understandable; lyrics so well-crafted and impeccably sung. This just goes to show you that you can have a GREAT recording with just guitar and voice. The message of this song is so needed; After I get done with this review I am going to share it on my facebook. When we see those people at the side of the road, this is what we need to remember. I love the admonition not to judge. The word pictures were real and poignant (did he lose his job overseas, have a family, etc.) SO REAL. This is the kind of song I love to hear. You made my day. Glad I didn't quit after 3 reviews today. Favorite rhyme (and that was a great bridge, by the way) reason/demon. Soft rhyme but it SO works. I'm a fan, whoever you are!

Beautiful vocal and beautiful intro to the song. Love the lyrics! You moved me.

Everything about the song was EXCELLENT. Loved the vocal, arrangement, and instrumentation.

I like the track a lot. A good story, very well told in a simple guitar arrangement. Vocals are powerful and accurate and come from the heart. My guess is it's the writer doing the singing?

Great lyrics, story and vocal, well recorded

Wonderful song. Wonderful performances. Wonderful recording. Wonderful story.

Lyrics Nick Berry Music Nick Berry
Producer The 515 Studio, Nashville, TN and Nick Berry Publisher Nick Berry/Take38 Music Group
Performance Nick Berry Label None
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