Nick Berry

Nick Berry

She Won't Need Me

Story Behind The Song

Two people are in a relationship, when the man realizes that things aren't the way they used too be and they're reaching a point where she doesn't feel the same way as he does.

Song Description

A ballad written in the Country Genre. Recorded with Piano and male vocals.

Song Length 3:59 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Heartbreaking Subject Breaking Up, Heartbreak
Language English Era 2000 and later


Genre: Country
Style: Ballad

© 2013 Nick Berry (BMI)/Take38 Music

I really thought we had it all.
You couldn't want for anything more.
We seemed to get along just fine.
Before the house, the boat, the cars.
Now I keep asking myself,
"When did it start coming apart?"


I must've missed the signs.
I didn't hear the words.
I never thought for one minute,
That I'd be losing her.
I got too caught up in myself.
Too blind to see.
That she was gonna realize.
That she wont' need me.

Maybe I'm just thinking out loud?
Filling my head full of doubt.
Thinking I could never be enough.
To give everything she wants.
And I know we're both holding on.
To something that's already gone. (Chorus)


I'm still trying to figure it out.
How we ever got this way.
'Cause I can feel her. Slipping away. (Chorus).


No she won't need me.

I have to confess, I cheated and looked at the lyrics, loved, love the lyrics....I think this is a wonderful song...piano was spot on, vocals were fab....I gave a listen twice and can't wait to finish this so I can put this on my playlists. I can hear this sung by a woman as well....I really hope you do well with this....
next contest please put this up...I will be glad to vote for it...

Just excellent! Reminds me of a mix of Josh Groban and early Elton John with a slight Country vibe. Very nice feel overall, and the stripped-down sound works very well for this song. The songwriting and storytelling is outstanding, and while some might want to hear a bunch of production I'm a huge fan of hearing songs in their original format, as-written. I have a couple of those myself. Great job!

You have a fabulous voice! I really enjoyed this song, both the music and the lyrics offers a lot of heart. It was a clean and simple recording which allows the listener to feel a personal and intimate performance. I would certainly be interested in hearing more of your music in the future.

Strong piano opening. Good voice and very good vocal sound. I like the lyrics--very easy to grab onto the concept and meaning of the song. Easy to relate to and put yourself in the singer's shoes. I like the hook.

Love, love loved it! I would love to buy your album if there are more like this!! If you are the singer & writer wow!!Congatulstions! Would love to hear that song as a feature in a movie. Would be perfect for some Hallmark or Lifetime movies. Very beautiful!

The singer has a wonderful tone and texture in his voice, sounded so pretty.I loved the simple melody giving power to your voice. It felt real , as if you were having a conversation rather than singing a song. Good job making the emotion connect, I felt like you were telling me personaly about a break up. I could see this as a commercial song with a little bit added to the production.Great song.

Lovely song. Great lyrics and heartfelt vocal. Song has wonderful potential. Nice piano playing. Good luck to you.

Love the vocal. Love the melody and arrangement of the song.

Very nice sound bro! Loved everything about this one! This is a hit.

Your song is fantastic, fantastic, voice is so fantastic I'd like to hear it again! I'm between paydays and would down load this song! The singer, writer makes me feel emotion .but I wish that the voice and music were on equal levels the music ie drowning out the vocals> And they our both excellent but I also understand that it is a demo. But the song and singer our excellent. Fantastic!!!!

Rachel Sarai
I know this artist will make it press on friend.

Great keyboard playing, wonderful vocals, well written lyrics and especially good melody.

I was drawn into the song immediately. Great voice and story telling :)
I can hear this as a country song on the radio today. I also really liked your bridge.

SUPER EXCELENT--GREAT SINGING/LYRICS/MUSIC etc...another song that should be on country radio!--thanxs--joe.

Gorgeous sweet voice.. Reminds of good ol'e Garth!!!! Beautiful simple piano backgound! Great hook too!!! Radio - ready!!:)

Song has a Jackson Browne feel and reminds me a little of "For A Dancer" with the nice piano cord progression. It is always great to hear a true performer like tis who can really play a song and carry the vocal with such fine pitch control. The lyrics are heartfelt and true; singing of love's sad story.

Wow! Loved it. All I can say is figure out how to get Blake Shelton to listen. Who is the vocalist? Great tune! Very commercial.

Lyrics Nick Berry Music Nick Berry
Producer The 515 Studio, Nashville, TN and Nick Berry Publisher Nick Berry/Take38 Music Group
Performance Nick Berry Label None
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