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Nick Berry

Just The Way They Are

Story Behind The Song

The song idea came from just being ok with life as it is. Society convinces us that we need to have all of the latest and greatest things to make us happy. The song basically says, that's stuff isn't important as the relationships you have with other people and just being ok with where you are in life.

Song Description

A song for the Country Genre, featuring, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Drums, with Male vocals.

Song Length 2:46 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Welcoming, Content
Subject Life, Change Language English
Era 2000 and later


Just The Way They Are
© 2011 Nick Berry

Drinkin' my morning coffee.
Talkin' with a friend.
He's goin' on 'bout wondering,
When his ship's gonna finally come in.

I act like I'm listening,
While I'm thinking' quietly.
Is that what really matters?
I thought the best things in life were free.


'Cause I don't have a lot of money.
I don't drive no fancy car.
I don't spend my Friday nights,
Buyin' rounds down at the Bar.
It ain't what's in your wallet.
It's what you got in your heart.
Yeah, You can call me a simple Man,
'Cause I like things just the way they are.

I've got some good friends,
That like me for who I am.
And a Woman that believes in me,
Even when I don't have a plan.

I'll probably never be famous.
Or live in a house up on the hill.
I might never climb that corporate ladder,
But I can sure pay my bills.

(Chorus II):

I'll never have a lot of money.
I'll never own a fancy car.
You'll never see me on Friday nights,
Buyin' rounds down at the Bar.
It ain't what's in your wallet,
It's what you got in your heart.
Yeah, You can call me a simple Man,
'Cause I like things just the way they are. (rpt. last 2 lines at end).

Well sung & performed. This is a very good melody.

This song drew me in from the very beginning. Starts of with a conversation with a friend whose "ship hasn't come in" and from that point paints a beautiful picture of a contented heart. I really love this song! My favorite lyric was the one about not climbing the corporate ladder but I can pay my bills. Reminds me of the scripture "Give me neither poverty nor riches"...somewhere right in the middle. I also liked the part about the "woman who believes in me even when I don't have a plan" (good choice for rhyming with man). There's not a thing I would change about this amazing chorus. A great song teaches a lesson and this one should be sung and heard a lot. I can't say enough good things about it. Fantastic job, and I definitely want to hear more of your work.

Cool intro, laid back. Great band, you aren't a beginner. Keep up the great work.

I like it when I hear a song and realize that I really want to listen to the story of the lyrics. To me, that means the lyrics are good and in this song this was the case. I was actually thinking more of the lyrics than the melody.
This doesn't mean I didn't like the melody. I did like it. It was what I want to get when I listen to contemporary country, a proper country melody.

there's no denying the professional quality of this demo/master. The singer should be on the radio. Excellent pitch and delivery...He has a unique quality. The instrumentation is very well done as well as the arrangement. 2:44 is well within the commercial time restraints of commercial country radio...This is broadcast ready and is a very strong pitch to movies and television and possibly commercials because of the simplicity of the lyric and's very commercial and sounds like a radio friendly song

Reminded me of 'Brad Paisley'. Nice song enjoyed it. I thought the guitar parts were great and seemed to fit right in. Nice job overall. The mix was really great. Good stuff.

Wonderful song !! The writer did an excellent job on music and lyric's . singer has a nice voice . it's a good recording.
My best wishes to this artist!!

Excellent vocals & intstrumentation !The guitar in this song is really cool. This tune has a really nice vibe to it.

Just The Way They Are is a fantastic hook and everything in the song points to it. Some very strong writing. The tempo and melody fit the theme brilliantly. I'd like to hear more of your music.

I could find myself driving a Carolina back road with this on my radio or CD player. This is a beautiful track

All 5's for this one. I think it's ready to go!

Great conversational writing... every word sounds just like it fell out of a normal person's mouth... Great production. Simple and not overdone... The vocals get to shine. And the vocalist is great.

cant fault this listening to tim mcgraw dont know if it will be but this should be a hit

GREAT SONG--should be on COUNTRY RADIO--this has HIT SONG potential--perfect score from me--i love it!--thanxs--joe

Great song! Well written and I really like the over all feeling of song.

A classic song to me, sounds like it has been around for ages..yes love it..great chorus..lovely voice by the way

Very nice groove and beat on this one. Like the message lyrically as well.

Lyrics Nick Berry Music Nick Berry
Producer The 515 Studio, Nashville and Nick Berry Publisher Nick Berry
Performance Mickey Kelley - Vocals Label None
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