Own The Night

Song Length 5:35 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, Jazz - Contemporary
Era 2000 and later

keep rocking and recording.

Reminds me of steeley dan, which aint no bad thing at all!

Beautiful work. Very well produced and performed. The piano improvisation made its statement and then allowed the rest of the instrumentation to add life to the song. Excellent production, brimming with soul. The rhythm sets the foundation for the song to take off.

Great smooth jazz track with great placement potential. I see solicitations regularly on Broadjam, HitLicense, etc. for jazz for placement into film and tv projects.

wow great song and kick butt piano skills right here. Awesome!

The delicious pad chords at the beginning got my attention straight away. Nice. Lovely arrangement. Nice playing too.

Nice clean recording with all the parts well balanced. Funky bass lines at about 4:17 in. Pretty much in the pocket for this style of smooth jazz.

Very well constructed. bright, fresh, driving. I love it.

I picture Neil Degrasse Tyson on the new Cosmos show, riding a cosmic jetsream throughout the galaxy

Nice Jazz instrumental. Something nice to play while relaxing with your woman. Nice piano improvisation. Neat bass solo.

Very impressive overall work, especially in performance, recording, production and instrumentation. Especially enjoyed piano and bass performances, and choice of bass voice.

Quality track and well played. Cozy and warm with high market and radio visibility.

Smooth sounds. Piano is amazing.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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