The Good Life

Song Length 2:02 Genre Rock - General, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Mood Cheerful, In High Spirits
Era 2000 and later

Great. Very commercial sounding. Good hook and nice instrumentation. Love the bass line. Couldn't decide between funk rock or pop genre. This is a definite winner for tv, movie, radio, whatever you want to do with it!!! Great job.

excellent power, great quality of instrumentation and recording. It really rocks!!!

I loved the beginning of the song! It has such a 1980s feel! (I loved the 80s.) For me, the beginning immediately captured my attention. I really liked how the chorus repeated at :07, :48, and 1:33. I definitely could see this song in a movie, where the "underdog" character is performing research, or doing something to outsmart the pompous "big man on campus" character who has always been picking on/tormenting him (the underdog) at school. This song moves beautifully throughout; I feel completely empowered after listening to it.

Fun instrumental track. Could certainly hear this on TV as a theme song or on a commercial.

Loved listening to this track, great production and instrumentation. Would make a great Theme song for TV show.

Very entertaining, high spirited track. Nicely done

I could see this as a background for a TV Show or maybe commercial. Could fit the right pitch.

Great good feeling song. I really enjoyed it. Kinda Jazzy feel to it for me.

I think the song is done very well and easy to listen to. It's very easy to get a mental image of different ways this music could be used in the background of many different markets. This song has a very happy vibe to it. It would be nice to hear more "real" instruments being played, as it appears to be done mostly on keyboards, giving it a predominantly electronic sound. But at least the electronic sound is done tastefully and comes across to the listener as a quality recording that's very easy to listen to.

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