Cloud 9

Story Behind The Song

Just days before writing this song, I had the opportunity to go rehearse at Johnny Wright's studios with an up-and-coming artist named Katelyn Rose. It was an amazing opportunity, and we performed live that same week in Winter Garden, Florida. I was on such a high from that experience, I was floating on Cloud 9 for weeks afterwards. Hence, the name for the song.

Song Length 5:17 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, New Age - Meditative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood On Cloud Nine, Enchanting
Language English Era 2000 and later

Beautiful arrangement and nicely structured. I would be interested in crafting a lyric to melody for this instrumental.

The piano playing really stands out and is a top notch performance. The bass guitar is also very nicely played and works well with the eclectic nature of this instrumental arrangement. Overall, this is very fine work.

This is a great song for the genre.

Very relaxing song. Great groove. I hear it and I picture a night out with a special. The word elegant comes to mind.

Herbie Handcock would love you like a family member. Great job.

I love the sultry feel of this piece, sounds like a Sade song. Nice combination of sounds and great piano! If you need a vocalist and/or lyrics I would be happy to oblige!

Nice balance of instruments. I like the piano sound.

Nice track. To much reverb for me and a little muddy in the bottom end. Some of the definition lost. But nice. Track works.

Beautiful piece of music. Smooth jazz? Yes suits it perfect. Its more full then classical but smooth and soothing. Piano is wonderful and the contrast is fantastic. Loved it.

A creative tune that could serve equally well as a featured piece or as background music. The slight variations to the percussion and keys, along with the synthesizer highlights, keep the song interesting throughout.

Music Dan Bressler Producer Dan Bressler
Performance Dan Bressler
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