Once Upon A Time

Song Length 4:21 Genre Unique - Soundtracks

I'm always a sucker for a great piano and this is A Great Piano!! Wow, very refreshing sound. Love the hook and love the melody. Some very nice changes going on. Just guessing but maybe a little Elton John influence here. Man this piece is awesome.. Keep playing cause I'm lovin it.....

I love the big score feel.

It inspires lyrics and feels like Broadway.

Thank you, it is moving and interesting and now I am looking for the dancers...

can hear this in a movie on the soundtrack

I liked the theme, the clean bells was a really bright open, and the piano to follow was smooth as silk pie.

It had a good sound and potential.

Given the declared genre I imagine targetted at a TV programme or film start sequence. Into has an uplifting Christmas is coming feel about it invoking some great imagery. I particularly like the shift at 4 mins. I guess to drop into the action.
Production and arrangement are great just as they are. The wide pan on the drums to use the full stereo field works for me.
I'll look forward to finding out the story behing this composition.

nice emotional instrumental ballad that increases in tempo . very well constructed and arranged. nice song liked the sped up section , musically 10/10

Great soundtrack. A big, big well done. SUPER !!!!!!!!

Very soothing, a true relaxing escape from reality. I can close my eyes and feel the song transport me to another world. Very good work.

Excellent instrumental track. The magical sounds at the beginning are engaging...one track seems to answer the other. Nicely done. I love whatever piano sample you are using. It's rich and impeccably played. Obviously you are an expert at this kind of stuff. Creative and appropriate instrumentation choices. Peaceful, rich and sweet. Exciting to listen to. Key change ramps it up a bit. This piece never becomes boring. Great work!

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