The Glow Drops are a children's group whose cheerful debut album, Serenity Park, features original kids' songs in the styles of rock, r&b, jazz and folk.

The Glow Drops' main singers are elementary students, Gino and Genevieve and the songwriter is their uncle, Jeff Neville. Jeff Neville played keyboards in numerous rock bands in New York and Chicago and released one solo album, "A Romantic War Novel" to positive reviews. He taught one year as an elementary music teacher which inspired him to write these energetic kids' songs. "Neville is a talented composer on piano, showing a broad range of styles and musical influences." - Wildy's World

The Glow Drops' songs are for all ages. Kids and adults will enjoy the upbeat music and the messages of having fun while finding beauty in everyday life. Elementary student singers, Gino and Genevieve, deliver the vocals with a spirited playfulness adding pep and vigor to the soulful sounds. Sing along wherever you are!
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over 30 days ago to The Glow Drops

Thanks for the review of that girl glow. i appreciate the time and effort you put in.
i like that horn solo though lol it makes me smile.
good luck with your music

Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to The Glow Drops

Hi Glow Drops --thanks for a very thoughtful review of "Even Now". I really appreciate the time and effort you put into very detailed and insightful feedback. I just had a listen to "Serenity Park," and while I'm not into children's music too much it's quite obvious how much arrangement skill you have. Nice work!

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The Glow Drops
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much and will check back to listen to some of your new songs.

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