March of the Militant

Song Length 3:03 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Classical - Medieval
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Gloomy, Poignant Subject Judgement, Power
Era 1800 - 1899

The marching/military snare drum at the outset really sets the to me for this piece. It certainly has a military, political vibe to it. The background strings are really nice and lush, and the use of tympani is effective. The middle section turns positive with the use of major keys and then returns to the minor key themed melodies. I think this could be placed in film/video or possibly video gaming. Good job on this piece!

It's a dynamic piece! Very ready for TV and film or even a commercial.Again the horns are next level and intriguing! Sounds like it would fit nicely into a Mel Gibson movie!

The general concept and percussive instrumentation is good. Nice build.

I'm marching, I'm marching, I'm marching, it's cold, I'm marching, when will make it to victory and glory, marching , the sun is shining , I see the end, still marching.

I like the mood of the song and the tempo and key of the composition are well chosen.

The final ending is great I like the sound.

perfection, great work. dramatic , nice mix of sounds and well played. good mix of emotions.

Military drums sound good and the melodic content is very nice. Overall a nice piece. I bet the snare drum would sound great with some added reverb,or to give it a more distant sound as if more drummers were used if you know what I mean. Great job.

Good piece for the scene of a military company preparing to go out on a mission.

Oh, man do I love the snare drums that seem to be right in your face as we go marching into this one. Has a great military feel to it with it's beat and cadence. I also love the way the keyboards sound and how well the whole song is put together. Whoever created this piece is really a musical genius - the song has great potential and should end up in a Military Picture although it's been a while since I've seen one.

Good music for tv/film. Sets a tone for what is about to happen. Nice and precise.

Excellently composed! Reminds of a being in a war type movie!
Emotional depth is also evident throughout the song, a really engaging piece!

good martial drums convey a marching band war scenario has more of a old war feel to it like sharpe waterloo etc.
drums are cool and use of strings and percussion work really well would suits game this one

It's like the moment before a battle when the troops are assembling and arming up for an epic showdown against the enemy. You really do a great job at telling a story through the music and giving us great material that could easily be used in a scene for a video game or TV show. I hope you continue creating masterpieces like this and let me know when you release more work! I love your music.

Very military-esque and patriotic feel. overall this was a very nice piece

excellent feel...military, suspense, builds nicely

firstly, the snare is wonderfully recorded. I heard in the background of the very beginning, I believe, a concertina? Intriguing. Sets a very distinct tone for this piece. Written for a specific scene? Feels early American or Irish? The melody won't leave my head! How dare you! hahaha...

This would make, to my mind, a great soundtrack for a history documentary. The production of this piece is quite good.

Smooth, flowing and dynamic. With a marching snare drum that keeps things serious right from the front, this song has nice builds and simple lines that would go great under dialogue.

nice music direction,movie theme sound excellent work

I like this. Nice arrangement. Love the atomosphere this sets. Love the drums throughout. The horns are great. I could see this in a drama type setting. Onward we go. :o)))) Awesome job!

Excellent work. Marching drums lead to a very visual type of piece within the orchestration.

Great inspirational tribute Soundtrack.

This is very unique sounding piece with some nice use of orchestral instruments and orchestral percussion. For me it recalled a scene of preparation of some kind.

Sets a military mood. Perfect for a movie or tv.
Patriotic sound.

Music Dave Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad

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