Magnetic Attraction

Song Description

Wacky combination of groove, samples and effects with sparse use of instruments.

Song Length 2:42 Genre Electronic - Downbeat, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Anxious, Tense Similar Artists Moby, Art Of Noise
Era 2000 and later

An interesting avant-garde track. It seems to me that it is very suitable for crime stories, investigations, detective or psychological films.

This track definitely has a downtempo, relaxed feel to it and I particularly enjoy the jazz elements that you've added to it - so great use of instrumentation. I can see myself zipping a cocktail lying on a flatable...

I enjoyed the chillout, ambient quality of this song. Parts of it could be used as a backing to a soothing narration in a commercial. There is a minimalist quality, which could work well to underly a mysterious scene without interrupting the plot.

Coool Tune! Driving in the fog---late already plus being LOST!

Ooh yes loved it when those chords oozed out of the track. This is kind of radical - tremendously inventive. Reminds me of some of the Batman soundtrack by Prince which was genius. Great punchy snare sound.

Its a very unique tune with lots of interesting harmonies and ideas in there, kept together by some in the pocket drums. The melodies are dark and at times dissonant which adds to the suspense of a track that almost has 1930s detective smoky back alley feel. The occasional horn is nice which really adds to that same feeling.

This is pure audible art! This is feels like it came from the same place that inspired jazz, various elements unifying to deliver an experience that has to be felt not just heard, in order to appreciate it. Not many will embrace this piece, it takes mature artistry to take this one in like a wine connoisseur. I'm soo diggin the groove on this and the intricate instruments that pop in here and there that are outside the typical scale of the main bass drive, but still in sync with the groove! I love this!

Love it. You should have a million pitches for this!

It has some interesting sounds in it. It would be cool with lyrics to hear what the writer had in mind.

Cool Electronic work! Enjoyed the intro. Nice steady beat throughout keeps the listener engaged. Great production balance............................................

Down low for sure, nice groove and vibe.

This is electronic music I like to listen to when I'm moving chess pieces around for no particular reason; or when I'm ironing my hair before going out. Right now though, I'm trying to get these cheese puffs caught between the sofa cushions. I think the drum beat groove in this funky instrumental is gonna take me to over to the seedy district tonight or perhaps I'll see Johnny at the PlunkMeDown Lounge. This music is full of funky wunky chunky musical chocolate chips that are just perfect before I head out the door. How's my hair look?

I like the intro and buildup.
Great drum grooves, I'm a big fan of layering patterns, and the mix is clean & balanced too!
Reminds me of the kind of backing around a Ronny Jordan style track, v chilled.

We liked your song "Good Signal". It's an original and very unique record. Arrangement and instrument choice is good.

very cool sounds...great groove....thick mood

Nice "B" part. Love the harmon mute.

Very atmospheric. There's an organic feel to the tune that I really like.I love the way the keyboard chords push through. I like the electric guitar patch and the muted trumpet. An interesting mixture of modern and retro elements.

Interesting and original chillout / lounge style. Quirky and unexpected arrangement. Well produced.

Very avant guard approach. The drums are very tight and feel great. I enjoyed the listen very much.

Love the late night in the city vibe of the track. Great arrangement and instrumentation.

I like the jazzy/swing feel.

This song has a nice mellow retro feel. It has an interesting arrangement. The recording and mix are good.

The Wah is cool. The background on top of background is intriguing, mysterious elements. Really like the drums.
Overall a really great song.

Sounds nice, like the background saxophone.
Would work good in some movie.

Touch of jazz with nice horns. Clean recording/mix. Grooving, driving beat..

An original slice of funky big beat with nu jazz twists. Like it a lot.

Very nice beat,cool organ and key stabs.I enjoyed the relaxed,yet groovy style.Tight arrangement.

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance CenterPeace
Label Gruvpig Music

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