Kindred Spirits

Song Length 4:11 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Jazz - Fusion
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood On Cloud Nine, In High Spirits Similar Artists Jean Luc Ponty, Weather Report
Era 2000 and later

Cool intro... this is cool tune that takes me to a "Jean-Luc Ponte-esque" place. The sax solo/performance is great; musicianship overall is great! The groove is cool and the production is spot on. Great job.

I honestly really like this song. I didnt listen to a lot of jazz growing up, but my grandfather did, and his reminds me so much of the records he used to play.

Excellent composition and arrangement. Unique Soka drum beat, with tons of fusion overtones. Great musicanship overall

Nice bass part. Good choice of notes.

Really cool energetic tune!! Production and instrumentation sounds top notch to me! I like the transition from the strings to the more rock/jazz fusion feel, and then back again. The rhythmic motif works very grows on me as I listen to it.

Really nice soothing composition, cool Sax, sounds like the guy we use on our songs!! Really sweet guitar parts!! Solid composition all around, could hear it in a film score!! This piece really grows on the listener! Oh, and the violin is Over-The-Moon GREAT!!!!
Excellent tune people!!! Let's hear more!!! I'm waiting???

Great feel , love the strings & drums

I'm not worthy...I have so much to learn from you Sensei! :) :)
You rock!

Great song! I like the violin lead ala Jean Luc Ponty and the aggressive drums. Sounds like a more groovy version of Mahavishnu or something. The recording is well done and well mixed to my ears, and there's a good balance of left and right panning. Sounds great!

song has good beat, instrumentation is great., like that violin reminiscent of JL Ponty. and very fine percussion.

Ahhhhh, nice to hear some jazz violin. Reminds me of Jean Luc Ponty. This song is fresh to the ears. Great job. Love the arrangement and the musicality of all parts. The sax surprised me. Very very nice, monster player!!! All I can say is wow!!!!

Well I can hear modern sounds in this over a lot of the old timbres that people including me are restricted to. Very nice vibe and feel. Loving the violin sound - quite a rarity and refreshing.

Great song, nice use of the violin. Not many artists here on broad jam use violin in this category. Great Tenor sax!!!!

Music David N Haddad Producer Dave Haddad
Publisher Gruvpig Music Performance Dave Haddad - Drums & Keyboards, Orbel Babayan - Guitar, Danelie DeCario - Bass, Leah Zegar - Violin, Richie Gajate Garcia - Percussion, Albert Quan Wing - Sax
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