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A happy song that is both fun and spiried for me. I was walking down the city streets and then the country road and feeling happy just to be here. I was thinking about how only I can make my dreams come true or not. As I fell asleep that night I realize

Song Description

Searching and discovering that you can only do it yourself. Being content with still not knowing the future! Trusting and accepting the great mystery of life and living.

Song Length 3:38 Genre Pop - Rock


Mystery (formerly Everytime)

Everyday I think carefree
Don?t take life too seriously
Any time I get too set
I need to be all by myself

Its alright I don?t get upset
I don?t try to make believe
Some else will make my life complete

I guess its no one else but me
Makes my dreams come true or not
I give my life unto myself and the Great Mystery

I rest not knowing if the world will be here when I wake up
Alternate in Chs Ill still be here / I just don?t know /
I?m just here now / I?m in the flow
I trust in Nature

Don?t know what future brings next
Just give me freedom no regrets
Any day I loose belief
Its time to loose this incomplete

Then again I got a lot
I?m just thank full for my life
Every breath and every stepI take


I just want to be set free
Not by anyone but me
I see the northern lights at midnight
Am I from a distant starlight
I write a story, sing a rhyme
Play guitar, make it happy
I don?t try to understand everything


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