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life in America

Song Length 4:08 Genre Pop - Alternative


What?s worth much more than precious gold
Grandfather farm swore he just wouldn?t be sold
All his children moved to big towns
Who is left to answer to their lonely frowns

Hey now, can they hear, The train still runs right through here.
Hey now can they see Who are they to be

They are America, in the land of the free
We are America, standing for truth
This is America, home of the brave

Carry a brave heart high, not to forget
Everyone came with no past or regrets
Big wheel still spinning with their vision quest
Hear Papa?s voice still sing, do your best

Hey whoa, do they see, The freeway runs through trees
Hey now can they tell, a life is not for sell


So many cultures needing to breathe
So many people wanting to live
Deliver the children to grow up to be
Who are tomorrows answer to give


America, we are America
America This is America

Listen to Grandfather
By the light of campfire
Freedom country
Where are the borders to survive?
Protected from evil awaken to stay
Too many people and We found this country on liberty

Lyrics Anton Simper Music Anton Simper
Producer Anton Simper Performance Anton Simper all Instruments and lead vocals, De ahna Lewis Backup vocals
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