Song Length 4:40 Genre Folk - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Sometimes in my sleep
I don't know where to turn
wandered through my own
delusions of denial

Somedays I'm awake
and know just what to do
I was born into
this life without a trial

Somewhere in time I know
I'll always love you
somewhere in space you know
our light will shine through
light will shine thruogh
I will shine through to you

Woh oh oh woh
I'll Always love you
Woh oh oh oh woh
I'll always see your smille

Sometimes as you sleep
you reach out in the wind
let your courage carry you
until you see the dawn

Now you're far away from me
and I don't even care
because your spirit touches me
Through the crowded air


After the storms have past
will our love will stand
years pass too quickly
for us to realize Repeat last 2lines

Woh oh oh oh
and you know
our light will shine through Repeat

Lyrics Anton Simper Music Anton Simper
Producer Anton Simper Performance Anton Simper
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