As I am

Song Description

This story is about the frustration of a love relationship where the man is not being accepted for who he is, no more, no less.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Alternative
Language English Era 2000 and later


As I am

If we could listen more what we do and we can
No conditions we?d be friends
I?m getting tired of this old game
Do you accept me I am who I am

Misunderstanding is what I get
What do you really want with from me

There (Love) is something I don?t understand
Do you love just as I am
Take the good the bad and the Free
Cause I?m running wild, strong as the Sea

Why don?t we just laugh more about this?
Could we just listen more to our hearts
If you want to change me, and rearrange
Say goodbye to all our magic and bliss

I?m just not perfect, have I lied?
Could you just calm down and be still?


We?re not right or wrong we?re just human
I play the victim or the savior man
We don?t have no original sin
Only fear of being alone
Giving meanings to a love in the wind


Lyrics Anton Simper Music Anton Simper
Producer Anton Simper Performance Anton Simper
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