Song Description

A short story of the woman with a wounded heart that searches and struggles to find love and freedom which seems hidden within until she starts to break free

Song Length 3:35 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Alternative
Language English Era 2000 and later


Little Birdie

Staggering her way to freedom
Hoping soon her angels will come
Ruffled feathers, broken glass
Fly thru, all storms will pass
Fathers left her for the war, has her dove heart been shot down
Never had a sturdy nest, Mother tried to do her best

Little birdie, has a broken wing
Little birdie, wants so bad to sing
Little birdie, little birdie, little birdie wants so bad to sing

Should I think she?d know by now
To feed her strength, and she knows how
To heal those wounds, be strong but tender
Before those changing skies of winter
Does she see a chance to fly, See it everyday?
From her totem pole so high, Can she clear the clouds away?


With head in hand, thoughts dark and heavy
Sometime thinks lifes the enemy
Kicked and screamed, no night of rest
Searching for her long lost nest
Has she sung right out of key, so everyone could hear
Doesn?t matter on her moon, She flies there without fear

Little birdie, little birdie, little birdie wants so bad to sing

Lyrics Anton Simper Music Anton Simper
Producer Anton Simper Performance Anton Simper all Instruments and lead vocals, De ahna Lewis Backup vocals
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