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About living in the moment and not living for the sake of others. Discovering freedom in a world of changes and constant challenges!

Song Length 3:20 Genre Pop - Rock
Mood Content, Welcoming Subject Freedom, Determination
Similar Artists Sting, The Dave Matthews Band Language English
Era 2000 and later


Live my life

If I could live my life the way I wanted to
Have everything good I could ever dream
This world could be a more peaceful place
Everyday I wanna live to enjoy, live to enjoy

You wonder why all the fuss trouble and tears
The way we fight our wars on fear
Traveled to the shores of a distant land
Looking for a better world, better world

I can live my life the way I choose
I can live my life the way I want
Have anything I ever dreamed oh, who oh who
Alternate ch. Don?t have to life for anybody else
just for me

You can take away these comforts just leave me free
To travel anywhere discover the world
You know I?ve lived before and I?ll live again
Every life there?s always opportunity, possibilities

Standing up now for myself, I?m faithful to my soul I see
No one owns me, or controls me, Standing in my life I?m free,
I?m faithful to myself
I said I?m faithful to myself

gonna live my life, I?m gonna live my life

Lyrics Anton Simper Music Anton Simper
Producer Anton Simper Performance Anton Simper
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