An individualized blend of accessable people pop songwriting with a unique spirit of raw simple humanism. He takes from life's
experiences and allows the essence to surge into personal sounds that express with both clarity and colour.
Anton who writes, performs and produces all the tracks is also an independant film maker, producing his own music videos.
He is both of this current world of smart pop expression as well as playing from that distant drama from deep inside.
Reaching out to tell a fresh, rhythymically and melodically pleasing story of life, love, longing and listening,

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Beatles, Motown, Sting


Anton Simper

An artist whose expressive palette offers a fresh sensibility with well-rounded pop stories about strengths and weaknesses of the human experience.

Anton is a simple yet deep storyteller of life and love with strong intention and passion. Through dynamic songwriting, memorable melodies, colorful guitars and earthy rhythms, he loves to share his embrace and celebration of realism while offering a healthy sprinkling of objective humanitarianism. Imagine a Tolstoy’s novel character in a colorful and impressionistic Ingmar Bergman film!

With rich tonal textures and melodies that are both familiar and unique, Anton’s delivery is straight to the cerebral gut with strong rhythms and picturesque guitars that envelop the musical “journey seeker” with both the roundness of acoustic swells and sharpness of electric 6 strings.

It seems that his growing up in the Motown with Beatles and Blues was more than a backdrop for his musical heritage. With him, nothing is superficial or “wanna be”ing anyone. Instead he gives originality to his own travels of love, longings, freedoms and adventures that are present or just a step away.

At 10, he made his own guitar from a tennis racket and wood scraps. Since then, driven by always more inspiration and motivation, he has composed, performed and recorded over 50 projects. During 1988-1991, he co-produced the award winning Howling Diablos CD. As a former member of Shock Therapy, he performed in USA throughout the Midwest.

Currently he is beginning the production of his 2nd music video and is finishing his most recent original project entitled, Great Mystery that is a synergistic blend of organic pop rock with seasoned stories of living life.

  • Member Since: 2004
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