Better World

Song Description

woman searchng for a better life a better world for herselve and her aspirations to get free from the corparate stronghold she distains

Song Length 3:59 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Non 4/4


Better World

Doesn?t want to be controlled
Holds the reins and cant let go
Searching for a clue and reason
planted on edge of eden
She gathered up her life one day
Traveled so far away, from so far, from so far away

There?s a message in the wind
Can she feel it in the meadow
Sees a better world unfound here
With no vacation time until
Theres a message in the wind
Theres a message in the wind

Journeyed far across the sea
Seeks success and complex webs
Resumes, corporate altruism
But she don?t like collectivism

Daddy used to kick the dog so cold
Yelling so loud, what she can?t be told
What she can?t, what she cant be told, she?s so bold


Somewhere all seems calculated
So cold that it feels like fire
Beyond all wishes, hopes and fear
Reality won?t disappear



Lyrics Anton Simper Music Anton Simper
Producer Anton Simper
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