Robert Quigley and John Walradt are a songwriting duo who formed a great friendship on Broadjam and have collaborated their talents write new, exciting, and catchy songs.
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Hey John - Thank you for that VERY helpful review on "Like No Other" - That's exactly the kind of feedback I need - mixing is my Achilles heel - I will take that information and make a new mix - I heard that shrill quality too but didn't have a fix for it, now I do. I think I can squeeze out a bit more gain too, once I handle that EQ problem. Thank you so so much! Love the community here on Bj, a bunch of stellar musicians, and just fine people, I must say.

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You're very much welcome, Diane, and I really enjoy the music you write! Mixing...with all the plug-ins and methods, there are as many ways to mix as there are streets on a map of Toronto. I'm still navigating it, too. I really got inspired to get into it after conversing with Jess Gordon. She mixes and masters all her songs and they sound incredible and she learned it within a year! Yes, lots of fine and friendly people, and your ability is stellar. You may already know this, but when you go into the equalization, drag one of those little circles way up to the top of the graph, then slide it left and right and you'll hear where it really screeches. That's the spot! Then drag that little circle straight down, down, down to the 0. Then make a narrow cut from zero on down maybe -3db. (On the corresponding right side it might be something like 40.) That Q knob will narrow it. Here's hoping that might do the subtle trick. I found the EQ problem was much more using your ears than following formulas. There are some sites I've found like Musician on a Mission where I've learned a lot. Also, a video on the Waves plug-in site with Chris Lord-Alge (why do I want to pronounce that as algae?) on how his does mixing.

R&J thanks for such a great review of "One" , and interestingly the feedback for the light female vocal addition is now been repeated to me , so i will take heed of your advice and add to the track .
Many Thanks , have a great week .

Hi John, Thank you for the great review of "Just Breathe". I can't believe how spot on your analysis was. It's not often I get such a thorough and compelling review and many other reviewers have not seen the beauty within this song and production the way that you did. I worked on this song for many months and even with a somewhat unconventional arrangement I really like it this way... The moody instrumental section coda and half-time synth solo for example. There are 3 writing contributors and some guest musicians but it's all my production from "The Womb recording Studio". CenterPeace

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