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Unique - Soundtracks | Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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   Sounds Like: Newman, Glass, McCreary, Horner, Neely, Reznor, Clouser, Goldsmith

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Hi, Nathaniel. Glad to read about your home life and family. It's a tough balance between those you love and what you love. Me too. Vicki Lee

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted 2 days ago

Indeed. I find that I have to work faster and smarter just to do the things I do in the little time I have.

Thanks for noticing. Hope you're doing well on your side of the pond.


"Constellations under foreign skies".....beautiful, exciting, atmospheric and primal; a gorgeous production Nathaniel!

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted 3 days ago

Thank you dear. I think it got me the job:)

I'll be sure to share as everything falls into place.

Thanks for listening surely:)


Cyndi Corkran posted 3 days ago

Great news; hope it all goes well for you!

great piece of work Nate and all--personally (as you know...LOL) i'd like the mix to allow us to hear the very direct, accurate and cool lyrics without reading them...just my opinion i'm sure buddy....well done like usual...

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted 2 weeks ago

Heh brother, I really thank you for stopping in to experience my work, it warms my heart.

Yes... There are so many ways to present sound. I always tend to chose the path less traveled. It's literally a curse I live by some weeks.

I'll say this...

Some of my idols growing up? I had to read the lyrics.

It was half the fun...

Only thing that mattered was the music was good.

If it was good?

Even if I couldn't understand the lyrics...



Warren Hein posted 2 weeks ago

Yeah I get it--me too on the reading the lyrics.
Still great work!!

Stellar review on Futile Attempt.

I did that many years ago as an attempt to mimic James Horner's work from Aliens. I never nailed it... I may need to return to the drawing board and do this one more time... See if I get it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo9 lUPeAAJs

Incase you wanna hear the bar that was missed...

So good. So so good.

I know we're not supposed to have idols in this life... But this man was damn impressive.

I listen to the way he works the horns against the strings and the way he'll move into out of new arrangements and sections.

Just bam bam bam bam.

Pause.... tension... and BAM BAM BAM.

It's fantastic.

I strive to be this good. With recent studio upgrades? I should give it another go.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy the youtube link.



i did 2 reviews for you lately but messed up on the 1st. Perfect score it should have been but lyrics and Vocal part i meant to go to 'N/A' but .....Let me know if i can get it changed somehow. The 2nd review was a perfect score from me. Sorry

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

It's ok. Scores don't really change what the work is. Although I do appreciate you reaching out.

Regardless. I take no offence... and really do appreciate your time.


Steve Dafoe - Songwriter posted 4 weeks ago

I agree your thoughts. I just received a review with poor scores , etc. but I found out today same song was licensed and placed in a movie about Frank Sinatra. (only vocal song in the movie NOT sung by Frank )

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago to N.Jones, Protilius Productions

I like your bio about your kids! Mrs Kate

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

They are all.

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago to N.Jones, Protilius Productions

Hello N. Thanks for the review of my lullaby. I wrote it when my children were small. It is a scripture song. When I decided to record an album of my original lullabies this just had to be in it. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. You forgot the numbers. Keep on reviewing and I hope I get to review your songs someday. I'm on a yearlong national tour right now and would love to do more reviews but we've had spotty internet. Thanks again and may the peace of the Lord bless your heart today. Mrs. Kate

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

The pleasure is mine. God be with you dear.

Toni Fournier posted over 30 days ago to N.Jones, Protilius Productions

Thanks for your thoughtful review of I'm Missin' You.Toni

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

It was my pleasure.

Thanks for kind words on you review of "Tin Pan Alley". In all of this time on BJ, i don't remember if you had ever done a review of my work. So thanks again! Hope all is well down under!

N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago

Time flies, I've decided to make an effort to try and be useful to others, so you may see a few more come in.

Honestly though? I'm just looking around to see what's out there. Who needs help. Who would work well on one of my own productions. You know... Just probing the playing field I suppose.

If any of my advice helps anyone it'll have been worth my time.

All is well in Oz these days... Thanks for reaching out brother.


N.Jones, Protilius Productions posted over 30 days ago to holly hanoyan

Look me up if you want some great instrumentals to sing to...

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