PREFACE: Broadjam is the F'Book for musicians, songwriters, orchestrators, producers, publishers and so many more who visit this world. Our laundry is often in need of proper folding; just like our words and melodies. Yet I  can't offer any words of musical wisdom. I simply love the world of music put to words.

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The OTHER GUY'S Production House, Inc. (OGPH, Inc.) is a Duly Registered International Texas C•Corporation. Jointly owned by Peter G Olach and Thierry Coupey, their inaugural multi-media project is currently under review for worldwide distribution.
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Thanks Peter for your recent 5*. I apreciate it.

Randal Dunkle
over 30 days ago to Peter G Olach is pgo

Glad to hear from Peter, I'm happy to hear that you are doing well. Wishing you the best!!!

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over 30 days ago

Randal, the more I hear it, the more I like it........Marvin

Randal Dunkle
over 30 days ago

Yeah, you did a great job mixing it!

so, my friends, foes and family ask, 'Peter, what have you been up to?' no longer do I give my old the corny answers: 'five foot eight' or the 'if I were doing any better, I wouldn't be here. I'd be in Kawaii'. truth be told? you really wanna know? stay tuned. somehow, I don't think you will be disappointed as a whole new world is in the process of being born. small hint: her name is Elise ©2021 OGPH, Inc. The manuscript has been approved. A narration script has been prepared for recording. 60+ Illustrations are being placed at their proper chapter locations. All this preparation then goes to the US Copyright office for registration. Talk about a labor of love.

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over 30 days ago

Wonderful news Peter; eager to hear/watch your final production on "Elise"!

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