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One of the amazing voices that I have listened to in a few years. Let's work together to discover the possibilities. Sweet Success Records (SSR) Hope to hear from you soon!

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over 30 days ago to Viktoria Vennice

Good day Viktoria,

My name is Nathaniel, I work in soundtracks, trailers, edm, and dabble in blues/jazz.

I've won a few awards with my work, no Grammies yet, but I suspect if I had a voice like yours on a few productions?

That could change... (smiles.)

I might need you to leave your comfort zone, but I think I can do great things with your skill set.

Right now I've got a couple projects that I'm cooking up. One in particular I think you could nail.

My email is protilius@gmail.com. Please reach out. I would love an opportunity to make some art, or even better, some money with you.

Swing by, browse, you'll find my instrumentals and production skills are top notch, which is nothing less than you deserve surely.

Let me know, it would be an honour to serve.


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Sweet Success Records LLC
over 30 days ago

You have a great sound and who is marketing your projects because you need to be heard.

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over 30 days ago

I currently have no agent, lawyer, or marketing team.

My twenties and the first half of my thirties were pretty rockstar and I was unapproachable in many ways. I've since become a father, drink significantly less, and am much more focused on legacy than I used to be.

I do work hard, but it's mostly for myself these days... the publishers tend to come later. I get all of my engineering clients through word of mouth. I get all my scoring gigs through word of mouth. I get all my "gigs" through word of mouth.

It would be nice... to see that change. Alas... An autistic 8 year old boy and twin 6 year old girls keep me running.

I need a team. Just don't find myself in much the position to pay for contracts, lawyer fees, a publishing company... etc. In music... You need to have money to make it. I come from poverty. Married into the middle class. Now all the money goes to the benefit of my children.

Good thing I'm a skilled laborer with world class skills eh?

Take it easy...


Back again and your music stuck in my head that I had to come back because I was wondering why is it only here and not on radio? Too talented not have have your music pushed at least regionally if not nationally. If you are working on it then I will be looking forward to hearing if not then holla and maybe I can push you in the right direction. If you like to know more then let me know. Keep the Grind alive!

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