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Hi Anyonetime,

Thanks for the review of my song, "I Wish I Could Heal". I guess I need to go back and re-think the whole song. Thanks for the feedback.

Best of luck,

Chet Nichols

A new and refreshing sound. Not many doing real music anymore.

Hi Any.
Thanks for the review of " And the people come " I really appreciate it.
Thanks again.
Regards Thomas.

Thanks Any, for you kind review of God Is Calling

I am glad you liked She Still Sings. Thank you for the review. Keep on singing! Mrs. Kate in FL.

Thank you for your review of One Country Song. Was going for that harsh sound of it. I do think the vocals were a little pushed. Thanks!

Just reviewed, "And the People Come" Love it. You captured the spirit within this song. May your Blessings be many.

Listened to and reviewed "She Still Sings". We love you Kate.

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Kate Carpenter
over 30 days ago

I hope I get to review some of your songs, too! God bless you! Oh here is the story that precedes the song: 1

Are you saying I cant sing JOKE It ok I know I cant but cant be good at everything Thanks for the nice review your music is really good keep it up Denise

Just reviewed God is calling. I'm giving you all 5's. A glitch allowed me to listen twice and I tried to send a second review but could'nt. Wanted to let you know, Great job.

Thanks so much for your recent review! I really appreciate your input and your insight. A big help!
- Brad

Thank you for your review of our song, "Jesus Is Love".

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Scott Tingley
over 30 days ago

My pleasure, really enjoy your song.

Thankyou for the review of our song "Jesus Is Love"

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You are very welcome!

Thanks for your review of Ten..."Much Appreciated"! Michael T... Rockthisway Music Group

Hello Anyonetime, Thank you for a fair review of 'King Jesus'. Your recommendations are well accepted. God bless. Laura

Hi Guys, glad you liked Passport to Power. It's a fun song and I am glad to share the joy and the kids voices with you! Mrs. Kate

Hi Lovette;
Thank you for your review of "Affirmation Rock". I appreciate ya!

Cliff Rubin

Thank you for the review of "Let The Son Shine."

Thanks for your kind review of my song, Get Ya Praise On. I greatly appreciate it and your support! May God bless you and your endeavors.


Hi, thanks for your very honest review of my song "Thank God the Word is Coming True". Be blessed in all of your endeavors! Mike

"Dreaming You" has made the #1 spot at's Spiritual chart as of 9/24/10.
"And Not Afraid" is at the #3 spot, and "There" holds the #12 spot. Hope we can do just as well here, on Broadjam. Thanks for your support. Lovette.

Thanks for the review of "There". A great shot of encouragement from an artist with your accomplishments.

Thanks for the review of "There". Conformity is not art but a process. We strive to maintain our uniqueness by staying from trends, styles and genres. We create our own colors from scratch not formula. This song was written 10 years ago. We recently revised it all to improve the clarity with what we have learned since then. Been a while since an in depth review has been received. If we should ever decide to sound like everyone else, we will certainly heed your very professional advice. By the way-you are awesome. Would love for you to review the rest of our music. Thanks again. Lovette/Anyonetime.

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Great! You guys keep on having the courage of your convictions and produce original art. I admire your courage and you honesty. Thanks for the compliment. I'll get round to listening to more of your tracks soon.

Thank You for your input.

Thank you for the kind review on my song Bye and Bye. My goal when I came to Broadjam is to have somebody cover one of my songs the right way as I'm at the top of my talent level just to get this far.

Thanks for the nice review on When God Was Just A Boy. Appreciate it very much Lovette! All the best to you. Listened to There - nice stuff - good luck with your songs. God bless!

-Al Hovden

Dear Anyonetime, Thank you for the nice review on Armor of God! Much appreciated! Mrs. Kate

James...First off thanks for the kind review of "Forever,Never Ending". Your comments are very encouraging.I listened to "2 B with U" , and I think that's a GREAT song.Sounds fantastic. Keep rockin' and God bless,Felix

Thanks Frank.

I'm impressed James, You 2 sound great! I get a Sade feel on If we believe in love. I dig the sounds your getting out of your piano. The only thing I don't care for is the drum machine(u know why). God Bless & maybe we'll jam someday! See u at work! Frank Campus!

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