Hello: My name is Charles Hayden. I am a songwriter living in Nashville, Tenn. I've been writing songs for several years and have been blessed to have some of them published and recorded. I enjoy writing contemporary Christian, Pop, R&b, Jazz and country songs. I continue to work on my craft every day and one of my main goals is to reach my full potential as a writer. I am open to co-writng with talented lyricists, and composers. If there are any singers out there who would like to record my songs or publishers interested in them please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at charleshayden1954@gmail.com

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I recently had six songs of mine accepted by a publisher for placement opportunities in film/tv.


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Hello! "God first"!! What a powerful testament of what a christian husband is to be!! It gave me tears because my husband has God as a priority, me and the kids!! What a beautiful song!!! ( the hunting by the creek part was so cool, cause my hubby and son love to go hunting together!!.... Many Blessings...... Julia:)..... Ever need a female vocalist, just shout!

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Julia Schmidt
over 30 days ago

The capital"Y" for whatever reason( at the end of my comment was a typo).lol

Thanks for your kind words Julia! I'm glad that you liked my song. I will definitely keep you in mind if I need a female vocalist. I listened to you sing and I really like your voice! Have a blessed evening and thanks again!


Charles, I just read Your Artist Description and listened to the Wishing Well. It's really good. I'm impressed that you've been published and recorded. Take care.


Hey again!
Listening to your songs--nice work. Short Cut has it all working--love the chorus.

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Thanks Matthew! I appreciate your compliment very much! Have a blessed evening!


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