James is very introspective. Born in Hillsboro ALa. Raised in Cleveland Ohio. Moved to Pa. in '86.
Self-taught writer/arranger/musician. The first song he taught himself to play was "Sneaky Blues" in 1958. Loves the Piano, and has been dabbling in music ever since.

Gloria has pure musical insight. Born in Latrobe Pa. Raised in Uniontown. A multitasker who taught herself to read music at the age of 12. A gifted lyricist/writer/composer/vocalist .

This dynamic combination of talent is what they call, Johntay/Lorson. The songs they have created were mastered in thier studio they appropriately call, "ANYONETIME"

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Thank you for your support. Four of our songs have made the Broadjam top ten.

R&B Religious Top Ten. For You, on 2-04-07
Unique-Unclassified. "Snakefoot", 4 times from 2-23 to 8-17-07
PA. Top Ten."2B With U", on 10-02-07
Age 15-24 Top Ten. "And Not Afraid", on 3-01-11
Age 25-36 Top Ten. "Do'nt You Wanna Go", on 3-17-11

If We Believe In Love

They're a duo, each one with a lot to offer. James T writes the songs and Gloria J (aka Lovette) sings. Lovette really makes the group, with her rich soulful voice. She has an understated approach to most of the songs, lending an almost jazz feel to these adult contemporary/pop/Christian songs. James favors unique melodic changes in his songs about relationships - some about a lover, and some about Jesus. All are keyboard based, some with layers of different instrument sounds.

"Dreaming You" is a rock/pop song about dreaming and searching for truth. "And Not Afraid" starts with a slow melody that repeats. Lovette sings about being with God every day. There's a wonderful soulful sax solo. "To B With U" is funkier than the other songs. It's held together with a groove reminicent of disco or old school R&B. There's a memorable chorus in "If We Believe In Love" that features some nice harmonies. "Don't You Want to Go" is centered around a dissonant or minor riff. It feels a little sinister at first but builds into something more positive. "For You" is a song of worship.


Time is the constant that exists
at the center of consciousness, that allows us to exist in three realms simultaneously. The past, present, and future. The past, which is locked, finished, and unchangeable, can be represented by our God, The Father. The present, which is ever fleeting, non-descript, and holographic, can be represented by Jesus The Christ. The future, which is the dream state, ever changing,
forever leading, can be
represented by The Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is within each
one of us. There is only one time that we share, and it lasts forever. Each individual represents, Any One Time.

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Hi Anyonetime,

Thanks for the review of my song, "I Wish I Could Heal". I guess I need to go back and re-think the whole song. Thanks for the feedback.

Best of luck,

Chet Nichols

Hi Any.
Thanks for the review of " And the people come " I really appreciate it.
Thanks again.
Regards Thomas.

Thanks Any, for you kind review of God Is Calling

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