I have been playing music since I was 5 years old. Started taking Private Lessons at age 7. My first instruments were the Drums and Clarinet (which further enhanced my gift of music as a woodwindist)Played both while in school. At age 9 I begin to play piano and started writing my own music before I took lessons in elemtary as a magnet program student. Music was a part of me and has always been. While I was in High School I formed my first performing group called I.C.Pryd (which is the name of my featured music and artist production. Check out my websited at- http://www.icprydproductions.org
I also have http://www.icpryproductions.com
My group is a combination of Cutting Edge Funk w/an Old School Innovative Feel that boast a Jazzy Flavor.

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Featuring Rap Artist:YG-Swag Walk
R&B Group: Final Draft "Get at Cha" coming to you soon. Up and Coming R&B Artist "Shawnii"

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My name is Mark E.Camble and I am a Musician, Writer, Arranger, Producer and Vocalist. My motto is "Originality Brings Virtue" To Any Image. I have been playing since I was 6 years old. My very first instrument were the drums which I played for about 3 years actively as a child, However because I kept my parents up so late at night by beating on those drums, they both had come to the conclusion that I needed a different instrument that was a little more quiet and they compromised on getting me a clarinet and from that point all else is history. I had become a woodwindist and the Saxophone Family had become my outlet. I started taking private horn lessons at the age of 7 years old and had become rather good. I was already playing those horns by ear and because my parents knew that I had raw talent wanted to enhance my desire and passion for music. Started going to a magnet school at 8 years old and learned how to play the piano. Before long I was writing and arranging my own songs as well as the lyrics. Although piano is secondary to me I used the artistic tool to futher my writing skills and started singing my songs using an old recorder and well after playing through school(Elementary to College) I had formed to different bands that actually did pretty well back in the day.
One group I called "IC Pryd" which I had through High School (In whom my business and music production is named after as a tribute to the fifteen piece group) and in 1996 I formed a new group called "Virtual Image" and believe it or not, we had some of the best music you may have never heard, but did a few venues and actually had a following. Never signed with a major independant or small record label but All Is Well.It gave me an opprtunity to grow in knowledge as an artist. The opprtunity to restructure is back in front of me now and I as an individual writer, arranger and producer have taken the time over the years to do some wonderful things with my music as a whole and am looking to reshare my works with you. In the present future reform a new group. To help up and coming artist reach the next level of music with cutting edge and innovative works in Contemporary, R&B,Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop and Gospel Music, even Country if that artist wants to be funky.


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Mark Camble
over 30 days ago to Mark Camble

Wishing everyone with Love, Peace and Goodwill
A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Kwanza

Mark Camble
over 30 days ago to Mark Camble

As A true Musician Bringin you something new with an Ol'Skool Progressive Feel and New Skool Innovation of Flava. Stay tuned for more. Peace.

Robert Durling
over 30 days ago to Mark Camble

Great work ,
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Just email Taylor danestar1@yahoo.com
She got me a big time dream tour deal!
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Mark Camble
over 30 days ago

Thank You for the compliment I appreciate you sharing with me. Am definitely interested in radio play and I will fan you on reverbnation

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