We Can Be Lovers Again (Duet) -Julia Schmidt & Bob Bentley

Story Behind The Song

We Can Be Lovers Again is now in it's third incarnation. I originally wrote and recorded it as a solo project, having wanted a song with more of a traditional country feel than my usual style. I have always had a sneaky regard for it, and particulalry enjoy the waltz time rhythm. I was then very flattered when a good online friend, Barry G covered the song in his own (sort of Willie Nelson) style, adding some great guitar playing to it. I was even more flattered when Julia Schmidt suggested we should collaborate and then agreed with my suggestion that We Can Be Lovers Again could make a great duet. Julia is based in New Jersey USA and I'm in Dorset UK so the process has been a truly online, transatlantic, project - and a most enjoyable one. Thankfully the original key suited Julia so we were able to use the instrumental backing track from my original although I did adjust it a little. I sent that to her recording engineer Julia recorded her verses and the various chorus, bridge and harmony parts, putting her own stamp on things, and her engineer sent the tracks to me dry. So that our voices would be synchronised, I re-recorded my vocals in line with Julia's, added the harmonies and effects and mixed the arrangement. I had always said that nothing would be heard by anyone else until both Julia and I were 100% happy with the track so I sent the first mix to Julia for honest feedback. I'm pleased to say that although there were 5 mixes in all, they were really only minor adjustments in vocal levels or reverb. Mix 5 is now the final and I know I speak for us both when I say we thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration and are very proud of the resulting track. Thank you Julia for your great vocal, your patience & understanding and your honest and friendly approach to the process. Here's to the next one. We both hope you like We Can Be Lovers Again. Bob Bentley April 2014

Song Description

The couple are in a relationship where the romance has drifted but the friendship is very strong. They agree that they can be lovers again.

Song Length 4:05 Genre Country - General, Country - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Engaging, Poignant Subject Relationship, Hope
Similar Artists Kenny Rogers, Faith Hill Language English
Era 2000 and later


© 2012 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley
Verse 1:
We've been good now for so many years
We've had all of the fun and the tears
But the good times have gone, it's all going wrong
But we can be lovers again, we can be lovers again

Verse 2:
There is nothing that we cannot do
We've been friends for so long me and you
Just a little more time, and with luck we will find
That we can be lovers again, we can be lovers again.

If we can just try as the time passes by
Love will grow stronger
Between you and I

Verse 3:
We have love here, you know that I'm right
And if you will come with me tonight
We can remember the first time we met
And we can be lovers again, we can be lovers again

If we can just try as the time passes by
Love will grow stronger
Between you and I

Verse 4:
We have love here, you know that I'm right
And if you will come upstairs tonight
We can remember the first time we met
And we can be lovers again, we can be lovers again

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This is a nice country ballad. I was surprised to hear a duet but it makes the song even better. Song has a nice hit and arrangement.

Loved everything about this!
-well-written lyrics/story
-lovely vocal deliveries
-chord structure adds prosody and intensifies the emotional impact

Very throwback 60s 70s Country sound, with a great memorable hook. The lyrics are right on target as well. Good stuff, congrats!

Great traditional country sound!

female vocal is great, music was real country feel. Old School sound which I love but today is hard to get play, Like a Dolly and Kenny song.

strong performance powerhouse vocals these people didnt start yesterday! thanks for the key change too!

Loved the dual harmonies. Great instrumentation, vocals, and arrangement. Great placement potential. I can definitely hear it as background music in a movie or film! Great job guys!

Female vocals in this piece are outstanding. The chord structure is solid in this piece that gives it a nice traditional feel. The song as a whole takes me back to that classic 80's country ballads even earlier.

I love the song, it is written so well, love the lyrics. Instrumentals sound great.

Excellent vocals! Nice key change. Good tune.

I really enjoyed listening to this song. The instrumentation and vocals worked well for this song. The arrangement and overall production were good. The lyrics tell a story and keep the listener wondering where the song is going next.

Good message and duet.

I loved the harmonies of the two voices and the hopefulness of the lyrics. What a nice thought that they want to save and reignite that old feeling . It's a good message because many give up too easy , so I love the message. This was sang very well and had a very nice arrangement. It was a very classic country song, I enjoyed it.

loved the intro, loved the chord progression, great lyrics, it would be easy to give up and walk away but there's an ember of something real that y'all wont let go out, and it will burn brightly again,love conquers all. voices were sweet, and blended nicely.The guy reminds me of John Hartford. I enjoyed it very much, thanks

Loved the vocals and instrumentation. Really nice country song. I missed why they can't be lovers.

This is a dang hit song! Vince Gill could grand slam this! Great vocals and production! Thanks for the opportunity to even hear this one. This needs to be on the radio today.
Got to be one of the very best Ive heard on this site so far!

A great lovers duet song, well written, very well sung and very well produced. Love it!

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley & Dave Mosca (Julia's vocal) Performance Julia Schmidt and Bob Bentley
Label NA
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