I Really Want You Tonight

Story Behind The Song

The singer has been watching a girl dancing all night and is really attracted to her. He wants to ask her to dance and to take her home but has no confidence to ask her, especially in front of her friends.

Song Description

Country 2 step with a rock/rockabilly feel. A real toe-tapper with catchy chorus and a guitar & fiddle instrumental break.

Song Length 4:04 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Rockabilly
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Troubled Subject Attracted, Crush, Unrequited Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


I Really Want You Tonight
© 2012 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley
Verse One:
I've had my eye on you for some time now
You make me feel good but you don't know how
I watch you on the dance floor and I slowly lose my mind
I want to get to know you, want to be your man
I need a chance to show you just what I am
I know your gonna love me if you only have the time

And I really want you tonight
Yes, I really want you tonight
I really want you tonight
Baby baby

Verse Two:
I want to talk to you but I can't see when
I'm ever going to catch you away from your friends
If you don't want to know me I don't want to feel that bad
I don't know your number so I just can't call
I don't know where you live and baby worst of all
I can't bring myself to ask you can I take you home

But I really want you tonight
Yes, I really want you tonight
I really want you tonight
Baby baby

Watching you from the sidelines is doing no good at all
But I've got get some backbone together and make myself walk tall

Instrumental Break

But I really want you tonight
Yes, I really want you tonight
I really want you tonight
Baby baby

Verse Three:
There has to be a time when it will all work out
I'm going crazy waiting but I've got no doubt
That someday we'll be together when the time is right
I'll keep on dreaming that you feel the same way
If I wait long enough I might hear you say
If you'd like to baby you can take me home tonight

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I really want you tonight
Yes, I really want you tonight
I really want you tonight
Baby baby
I really want you tonight
Yes, I really want you tonight
I really want you tonight
Baby baby

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This song has a great "Old School Country" feel too it. A toe tapper for sure. Great arrangement, instrumentation, quality of recording and vocals, made this song a pleasure to listen to. The song lyrics kept me engaged throughout and told a story, which Country Music is all about. The melody, arrangement, hook and lyrics, can have this song stuck in your head all day.

Like the music and lyrics, overall good song.

Swing, swing, and swinging some more! This song has moves! It's a one-two one-two foot tapper with strong beats that push the notes like quick even ocean waves...and you know something...that's catchy as hell! The lilting melody is easy to follow and the lyrics are down to earth with humor and honesty. Very well done, sir!

great traditional country sound
great mix
great playing
good stuff

The melody is cool, and the instrumentation is performed very well.

Nice sounds

Great balance and smooth, even mix on all the instruments. I enjoyed the instrumentation a lot and the hook was rock solid. Reminded me a lot of listening to Pure Prairie League with Craig Fuller on vocal. The instrument accents were right on and un-obtrusive, as they should be.

Nice instrumentation, nice arrangement, the hook was simple but catchy. I really enjoyed listening. Definitely gave off that old time country vibe. Good job with this one.

Very nice traditional country song. The music arrangement was very good overall. The singer had a nice country sound! I could see this song used in a movie or TV.

I loved the guitar licks at 2:10. This was a classic style country song, with a very nice groove to it. I liked the drums in the background. The vocals were good , you have a nice country voice.It sounded like you had a profesinal to produce it, they did a good job.Nice work on the intro also.

Nice song. Great song for a bar.

Good sounding drums and I also like the Bass Guitar, The vocals are very strong and sound a little like Bill Anderson.

It's well done under every aspect.

Very good Country song. Well done all around

Really like the overall make of this song. The hook is very catchy and well written and the instrumentation sounds very nice. It ain't country without that fiddle and this one delivers with awesome fiddle and fine guitar work. This is an upbeat country love song that really has a nice groove. The lead vocalist sings with real romantic conviction.

Had my toe tapping and after listening all the way through I was singing "I really want you tonight". At first I thought that hook/chorus was too simple, but this song proves sometimes simple is absolutely perfect.
Nice Job

Catchy tune.

Nice Texas/Oklahoma feel.

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