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Country - Contemporary | Wareham, England, United Kingdom
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Member Since: 2013
   Last Login: 12/4/2020
   Sounds Like: Kenny Rogers, The Eagles

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Bob Bentley posted 8 hours ago to SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS

You got another of mine, you must have done something awful in a previous life!! Thanks for the kind comments for Dark Eyed Lady, much appreciated. Bob

Bob Bentley posted 1 week ago to Groove Fondue

Hi Don and Mark, thanks for a thorough and kind review of Little One, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Much appreciated. Bob

Groove Fondue posted 1 week ago

It was my pleasure Bob, enjoyed it very much. \


Bob Bentley posted 1 week ago to SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS

Thanks for the reviews of the last couple of days, much appreciated. Lost one, won one, could be worse. Cheers, Bob
(BTW. I always like to hear the material on BJ by my peers when they have reviewed my songs, so I just went to have a listen to your music. It seems you only have the one song, all the others are instrumental pieces? Shame I would have liked to check out your hooks etc. to get some tips?)

SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS posted 1 week ago

I have to tell you.. I don't sing for beans.... So I leave that part up to the artists who do....I have a very big problem. I won't settle. until I get vocalists who sings on pitch, has good phrasing, and coachable... I'm having a ball doing what I do....and getting some stuff picked up at the same time.. After being on the road for forty years, doing nothing but covers...ALL top hits in any genre has struct in their songs........ verse, chorus etc...And the title of the song is usually the hook .... in the chorus.....there can be lyric hooks, beat hooks, not only one the chorus but thru-out the song.....On BANDMIX under SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS..... Their are some vocals..... Non of me....However, I compose all the music and write some of the songs, but mainly I build song beds for other artist to write their songs too......

Bob Bentley posted 1 week ago

OK, thanks. Bob

Hi,. Thanks for a kind and constructive review of Empire. Always good to receive constructive suggestions and comments. Much appreciated. Bob

Bob Bentley posted 3 weeks ago to Kelly Triplett

You are very talented Kelly. Not only great songwriting, your vocal and musical skills are also top drawer. I particularly enjoyed Neon Bible. Lots of luck with your projects.

Kelly Triplett posted 3 weeks ago

Thanks, Bob! I appreciate your very kind review! And, I appreciate you listening!

Kelly Triplett posted 2 weeks ago

Thank you, Bob!

Bob Bentley posted 3 weeks ago to Kelly Triplett

Hi Kelly,
Thank you so much for a very kind review of Homesick. Such encouraging words, you've made my day for sure! I'm highly flattered that you hear a Joe Satriani influence but, although I know of his work, I'm not at all familiar with it. I was heavily into bands like Deep Purple and Santana so, because I'm knocking on a bit, I've probably picked up bits from all over.
Very fair comment about live drums but I don't really have access to them so make do with what my keyboard can produce.
I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for a great review and I'm off to listen to some of your songs.......

Kelly Triplett posted 3 weeks ago

Hi Bob! Thanks for your note! You never know how someone will take a review, so I appreciate that. I really did like the song. I also think that there should be a category for Instrumentals. Oh well I think you'd like Joe Satriani. I could also hear Santana in there. Cheers!.

Bob Bentley posted 3 weeks ago to Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat

Hi Catnip,. I've had finger trouble with my mobile this morning and managed to delete a comment you made about your studio - apologies. As it happens, I think you might have had the wrong person as I can't recall mentioning it? However, thank you for a very kind review of She Doesn't Need Another Love Affair. It was my effort at putting together a theatre song and is a bit on the slower side but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Much appreciated.

Bob Bentley posted 3 weeks ago to BigAlbatross

Hi Big Albatross,
Thanks for a detailed and very positive review of True Friend. You are right about the song going on a bit - I've managed to rein myself in a bit since the days that was written. It is getting on in years, as am I, and may be due a rehash at some stage.
You live in a wonderful part of Spain! We were very fortunate to spend a fortnight in a villa outside Moreira a few years ago and just loved the area. Altea, Javea etc. are just fantastic and we were fortunate to go to Teulada when there was a medieval festival taking place. Lovely!!

Thanks again for the kind review and good luck with your own projects.


Bob Bentley posted 3 weeks ago to sonya watts

Hi Sonya, Thank you for a really detailed and positive review of Time To Think. You are right that the harmonies are a little bit scruffy and it is strange that, as I was recording the song, I just felt it didn't need to be too polished. The rhythm has that singalong feel so I left it very much as it was laid down. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Have just listened to to a couple of to your songs and am mightily impressed. Enjoyed Make Me High but My Someone To Turn To stopped me in my tracks, it is absolutely beautiful. Such a melodic song with wonderful lyrics and a clear and pure vocal performance that just sets it off perfectly. You set the bar very high with that song Sonya. Good luck with it. Hope to come back and hear some more............. Bob

sonya watts posted 3 weeks ago

Thank you Bob! I appreciate the positive feedback. Sometimes it is easy to wonder why I keep writing, but then with feedback so nice it makes it worth it :)

Bob Bentley posted 3 weeks ago

We all feel the same at times Sonya, genuinely earned praise can be a real pick me up.

sonya watts posted 3 weeks ago

I just had the pleasure of anonymously listening to another one of your songs, and it was a beauty. I co-wrote a Christmas song for the first time this 2020 year, and as I mentioned in my review, those songs really do feel like the work of the Lord. So blessed to be picked to do His work! Thank you for sharing that one (A Night of Love) with the world.

Bob Bentley posted 3 weeks ago

It is probably easiest explained by the comments I put on the song: "This is Greg Lambert's song. When I heard it for the first time I was immediately taken by both the melody and the lyrics. It was being performed by the very talented Julia Schmidt (who I have worked with previously) with a very effective guitar accompaniment. I thought there might be room for another version with a fuller sound and suggested i had a go at arranging it. I'm very pleased that both Greg and Julia were in full agreement and a very successful collaboration began."
So, I'm a bit of a fraud really, having neither written or sung the song. Mind you, I am pleased with the arrangement and can't help wondering how this song has not been picked up in some way over the last few years.
Thanks again for your lovely comments, I will forward them onto Greg Lambert.

Bob Bentley posted 4 weeks ago to Marcel

Hi Marcel, Thanks for a detailed and honest review of Days Of Mystery. Much appreciated. Stay safe. Bob

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