It's Over Now

Story Behind The Song

A re-recording of a song written several years back. Old old story of being caught out and seeing a relationship fall apart once the truth is told. Deep regrets.

Song Description

Difficult to pigeon-hole. Almost a sung rap with a gentle rock/pop feel. Tight harmonies and prominent rock guitar with an 80's feel.

Song Length 4:17 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant Subject Breaking Up, Regret
Similar Artists Fleetwood Mac, Santana Language English
Era 2000 and later


It's Over Now
© 2011 Lyrics & Music by Bob Bentley

Verse One:
I knew baby that it couldn't last
But I didn't think my world would change so fast
I wanted you for all those years
But now it's coming down to tears
I wished you'd never asked

Verse Two:
Everything little thing we've said and done
has been wiped out and over run, you know it too
Whatever love you used to feel
has disappeared and been replaced by something that's not real

Ooh it's over now
Ooh you know I love you anyhow
I still look at you and wonder how I could have been
so stupid as to ever stray
Now I just wonder baby why you ever gave me time of day?

I will be alone now
I cannot stay here
The situation
Is blindingly clear

Ooh it's over now
Ooh you know I love you anyhow
I still look at you and wonder how I let you down
I will regret it till the day I die
I used to have your trust, now I cannot look you in the eye

Verse Five:
Enough's been said to make me see
That all the things that fell apart are down to me
The things we shared are all past tense
I threw it all away - I didn't have the sense

Ooh it's over now
Ooh you know I love you anyhow
I will never figure out just how I let you down
I will regret it till my dying day
I had everything I wanted then I threw it all away

Contact Information: Bob Bentley

Nice easy pop rock. Solid lyrics that are well delivered. Love the electric guitar but does not overpower the song. Well done

Nice harmony's and vocals overall. The song does a great job of bringing out the emotions and feelings associated with losing at love. very well written and performed. Loving the lyrics there really good. This is a high quality song so well written and recorded. Great work thanks for sharing it here. Such a great job of expressing the underlying emotions.

Smooth groove...nice instrumentation and good vox / harmonies.... has a easy going feel... let's ya drift away...enjoy! Liked the echo trail on the vocal...fade!

The melody is pleasing, the kind you can listen to again, hum, and enjoy. A story of infidelity, the conversation is like an intimately written handwritten note and takes full blame, and goes into resignation. I really like the use of heavy yet echoing electronic keyboards that are like the Human League or Richard Marx. It's played and mixed to perfection. I also like how it begins with a quick rhythm of words and slowing down as the stanzas progress, just like a conversation. It makes for very good interest in the composition!

has that retro, 80's pop feel, ala Berlin with all the synth sounds, and that's cool. the lower register vocals kind of surprised me, and again, I enjoyed it - also liked the doubling of the vocals. Lyrics are a plus as well and the vocals sing it mostly with conviction.

a nice production.

Very well written and well arranged piece with good instrumentation and vocals. Very heartfelt subject matter expressed in a very good way.

the song is good, an easy listening ballad with good meoldy, overs the job

unexpected.....has a country vibe.....SYNTH COUNTRY!!!
some very cool chords...lovely harmonies...sweet synth shapes....

damn catchy intro nice chord progression

Nice song, has sort of an 80's feel with that synth throughout. Very easy to listen to this track, it's soothing and well executed. I enjoyed listening to this. Good work!

This song has very good vocals. The harmonies a really nice. The instruments are great. I like the background music. The intro is really nice. The arrangement is also very good.

Absolutely oozing 80s, straight out of a Tom Cruise movie, i'm pretty sure I heard that guitar in Top Gun :)
Nice song, can't say it's extremely original or anything but it works. Nice job. The recording sounds very professional.

A heavy song. Bye bye, from a minstrel's perspective. Crooner's vocal, very well done, nice backing. Lyrics are like a monologue in a play in places. Very talented...

Great instrumental arrangement! Has a nice Jimmy Buffett feel to it :-)

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Publisher Music Of The Sea
Performance Bob Bentley Label NA
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