I'm In Love Tonight

Story Behind The Song

One of my earliest songs which I rate highly but have struggled to find a genre/style for. Have just uploaded this new version in 2019. This slow country ballad approach seems to work and would suit a contemporary country vocalist, male or female.

Song Description

The singer has no intention of a relationship but has fallen in love - much to his/her surprise.

Song Length 3:37 Genre Country - General, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Content Subject Falling in Love, Love at First Sight
Similar Artists Kenny Rogers Language English
Era 2000 and later


Music & Lyrics - Bob Bentley
BPM: 72 Key: G

Verse One: I never knew it would be like this
I'm so confused after just one kiss
Oh babe
I'm in love tonight

Verse Two: I've always been a one-night man
Having fun as best I can
But babe
I'm in love tonight

Bridge: With you I have a kind of peace inside, I just didn't think I could get
We've talked for hours and I just don't want to leave you yet

Verse Three: I've heard it all from the other guys
Still it came as some surprise to find
I'm in love tonight

Instrumental break

Bridge: With you I have a kind of peace inside, I just didn't think I could get
We've talked all night and I just don't want to leave you yet

Verse Four:
I can't tell where we go from here
I only know that it's very clear to see
I'm in love tonight

Oooh, I'm in love tonight
Oooh, I'm in love tonight
I'm so in love tonight

Contact Information: Bob Bentley
Email: bobbentley34@hotmail.com
Website: bobbentleymusic.com

© bobbentley2002

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I like the vocal quality and style --- very country. Instruments great, feel of the song is very smooth and a very comfortable "listen" as a country style. The emotion in declaring love is very apparent.

A well written and well delivered Country offering. Production is pro and the listener can feel the emotion of the vocalist. Well done.

A bit like wonderful tonight or amazed ( by you)

Nice one ! Reminiscent of "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton , to my ears .
Great vocal , perfectly suited to the track .

Dated - but good bridge song.

Great song, vocals needs work, nice contemporary sound

Nice easy groove in this classic country song. You can feel the passion of the singer and the instrumentation is solid. Rhythm is calm and clear. It's overall a great sentimental piece. Nice instrumental soloing during the bridge.

I enjoyed listening to this song. The vocals, instrumentation and recording were all well done and worked well with this song. The lyrics told a story and were well written. Nicely done on this one!

Nice listen! Instrumental was very nice!

Great voice. Love this one

Beautiful love song any woman would love to hear, (I'm assuming) Pretty melody and awesome male voice. Great song

i've heard a bunch of yours....always dig the country vibe you get...really good.

The song builds nicely with the horn and guitar coming in. Heartfelt lyrics and delivery.

This is a very nice song. Well done. There is a lot of emotion in it.

Heartfelt song with a great lyric and arrangement.

Great production,nice vocal! Love the harmonies though out.

Heartfelt rendition, that conveys the feeling of the performer.

Nice tune...pretty good.

Good song the brother!!! Seriously, everything was spot on! the back singers were a nice touch and the band was magnifico! you really got yourself a quality track that's pitch ready by Nashville's standards and not only that, but kinda slow dance sounding too! so got go get 'em bud cause that'll do it if anything will. very impressed, its a simple (in a good way), happy and carefree tune and i could imagine hearing it on the radio.

Sweet song sung and performed well. Good arrangement and instrument choices. The hock works well for me.

A song that easily a couple could enjoy dancing to. Nice groove and some good instrumentation in it.

Reminds me of Kenny Rogers good number

Nice melody. Old story, but retold well. Liked the guitar break.

Lyrics Bob Bentley Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Bob Bentley
Label NA
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