Ireland's Eye

Story Behind The Song

Since hearing a lament in Riverdance played on Uilleann pipes the sound has always moved me. Although these pipes are synthesised, the sound is quite close to the real thing. The melody came when I was improvising and I have tried to keep it simple but not completely predictable.

Song Description

Haunting Celtic instrumental ballad played by Uilleann pipes and rock guitar with synths and orchestration

Song Length 4:48 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, World - Celtic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Tranquil, Serene Subject Spirituality, Island
Era 2000 and later

Interesting instrumental track which reminds of Miami Vice for some reason.
Arrangements are well built and mix is clear. Doesn't break any ground but could fit any family / RomCom show I guess. Nice guitar licks here and there

Very nice! I liked the melody a lot. There was some nice layering going on as well. I could definitely hear this being used in a feature film maybe even as the theme song throughout the film. It has a Titanic (My Heart Will go on) quality to it. That is a complement.
Good job

Well put-together and an excellent demo overall. Nice pacing and progression.

Really interesting lead sound... kind of Satriani-ish with a synth-harmonica seasoned in... cool. I really like the melodies and progressions too. Really has a nice theme throughout.

I love everything about this one! I see it in a movie's love scene or reflective moment! Not sure what the name of the instrument is in the background but it stands out greatly!

There's a very 80s pop ballad feel to it, I get a Wham! vibe here and there. I like!!!
I like that you have given the sax and the guitar equal prominence in the track, which makes it quite fresh.

I like the unique blend of instruments used in this beautiful soundtrack piece. Would work well in film/tv. Nice work!

Really nice melodic content on this, I'm a sucker for a good melody and always looking for it on here. Very nice instrumentation too and not overdone. Good job.

This track belongs in a great love story film as we're seeing images fly by of the nostalgic look back of a developing relationship. The music conjures up all kinds of great imagery. Great job!

very enjoyable. instrumentation is refreshing. balanced production.
love the gaelic/celt influences

Great work, Very memorable hook and melody. Very Euro sounding

I love the way the song starts with the keyboards and the lead guitar, I also like the sound of the drums. Reminds me of a care free day in the city park.

Oh wow. I don't think I've ever heard this kind of instrumentation blended together so well before; the pipes jive so well with this song. I must also say that the melodies represented here are exceptional, which definitely makes this an A+ track especially in regards to originality. This is the ultimate chill out song.

Loved the melody, love many of the sounds, and the arrangement was very solid. I really felt like this piece had some very strong possibilities. The melody was very memorable.

Nice, calm and comfortable. This tune flows along nicely and would be perfect in the back of a documentary or under dialog in a number of sync opportunities.

nice could go in any love movie,drama, awesome nice arrangement

Sounds Like a song for a Love gone wrong Soundtrack.

Nice soft sensation !Very romantic theme!

It's has an interesting sound.

Well done; interesting lead instrument; sort of like a bagpipe, or some similar instrument, but also slightly electronic. The melody and arrangement were quite pleasant.

like the melody and "instrumentation", though not crazy about the samples in this one. nice change up, movement and structure/writing though.

Might be suitable for a soundtrack that's supposed to sound a little dated.

Lyrics Instrumental Music Bob Bentley
Producer Bob Bentley Performance Bob Bentley
Label NA
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