Hana II

Song Description

feel good, smooth jazz tune

Song Length 4:08 Genre Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)

Nice arrangement, well played, and the recording sounds good. I like the stops at the end of the verse sections. Nice electric piano solo!

Oh, oh, oh,... I like this. Very awesome sound and feel. Excellent bass! It's very moving, tight, and fits extremely well, with a great tone that stands out clearly. Guitar work is perfect. The chords and solo work are so fun to listen to. Keyboards are totally right on, a very good musician with an ear of what works.

Lovely arrangement and production, nice funky rhythms, good bass, guitar, keyboards, dreamy,very professional all round

You've done an awesome job with this production! Bravo! I love this style of music. Keep up the great work!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.....this song!! WOWZA this is so incredibly kick back, I'll bet the musicians will fall asleep by the end of this tune! This composition should be on Pandora, Spotify, Monday Night Football, everyone should be listening to this Killer tune!! I'm even starting to doze off now...this song is so Damn Mellow LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.....this MUSIC!! GREAT TUNE!!!

Very sweeeeeet smooth jazzy thing!!! Reminds me of a lot of cool stuff I listened to quite a lot years ago. Playing/production are top notch. The music has wonderful motion to it. This seems like it should have great potential for a placement!

Not too fast, not too slow very nice drive to the song. You did a great job on the arrangement.

George Benson -esque....dig it...can hear this as a soundtrack...

OMG the intro - Gino Vanelli Brother to Brother!!!!
As I bassplayer I enjoyed the bass playing greatly. Nice tone!
All very competently played and put together. Lovely Rhodes stuff in there too.

good beat, excellent guitar and piano licks, song flows consistently not llosng its energy. good work.

Very cool beat, the drums have a great sound. I also like the guitar and the keyboards - the bass guitar is off the hook! I love the lead guitar solo and the blues scale.

I love this. It reminds me of some of the great jazz that came out of the 70's, ie Grover Washington Jr. (if it had some sax). Nice guitar and piano performance, great solos!!! Just a fun song to listen to. I bet it was fun recording.

I love the groove, the harmonic elements, and the instrumentation! Very good writing on this. It reminds me of Donald Fagan's solo stuff (especially that New Frontier-ish bass line) I like the texture of the Rhodes and the chorus on the guitar. The solos and playing in general are very good as well. I love endings that are unpredictable, and this certainly fits the bill, ending on a V chord.

really nice Chicago blues feeling. im hiring that bass player! This might be sneaky Melvin or George bensons brother, but its going on my favorites list right now!

This reminds me of something from George Benson...smooth, grooving, and moving. Very impressive! Production and mix on this is PRO all the way. I loved listening to this groove. Trust me... This will be added to my faves playlist. Simply outstanding.

Lyrics n/a Music Marc S. Pate
Producer Dave Copenhaver - Studio 7 Performance Marc S. Pate-guitar/vocal; Dave Copenhaver-bass, Dennis Borycki-keyboard;; Steve Short-drums
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