Story Behind The Song

An old friend of mine named BOBBY HELMS had a song titled JINGLE BELL ROCK/i wrote this one in his honor/he is no longer with us,he was a great performer and host at his nightclub in Plainfield,Indiana-back in the early 1980's ,i had a lot of fun at his SPECIAL ANGEL CLUB.

Song Description

This is my most played and popular song year round! Fun unique song for country blues players at Christmas time or any other time.Just a FUN little song--get your STUTTER on for this one--HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT !

Song Length 4:10 Genre Unique - Holiday, Blues - Country
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Cheerful Subject Holidays , Comedy, Funny
Similar Artists Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash Language English
Era 2000 and later


I got the blues for Christmas, to go along with the reds
I got the blues for Christmas, to go along with the reds
My girlfriend wants a diamond ring-and thats'all she says

I got the blues for Christmas, to go along with the reds, (that's right)
I got the blues for Christmas, to go along with the reds,(ummm)
Yeah-my momma wants a new car-and that's all she says

Well-My Christmas tree is decorated with little twinklee lights
They are blue and red and seem to be doin some kinda- twinkle-twinkle fights

I got the blues for Christmas , to go along with the reds
My baby wants a diamond ring-and that's all she says
(yeah-now talk about it)
Well-I got the blues for Christmas,to go along with the reds
My baby wants a diamond ring-and that's all she says
Well-I got the blues for Christmas, to go along with the reds
My halls are decked out with little santa claus heads
I got the blues for Christmas,
and somewhere I read-that Jesus walked on the *H2o*,
and I believe it too,
Maybe Jesus could walk over to momma's house,
and hand her the keys to a car that is new

I got the blues for Christmas, to go along with the reds,(yeah I do)
and the reason for the season is *Jesus*-
That's what my born again christian friend says

Yeah-I got the bbBlues for ccChristmas, to go along with the reds,
I got the bBlues for Christmas,(ummm) to go along with the reds,
Well I wish you a Happy Christmas#!
Is all I says,(that's what I do)

I got the blues for Christmas
I got the blues for Christmas
They go along with the reds
I got them blues for Christmas
ttTalkin about the bbBlues for Christmas,
Yeah they go along with the reds,
Well baby wants a diamond ring,
and momma wants a car,
and all I got is the blues and a lousy tee shirt-there,
I got a blue one.

Great blues feel,with excellent quality recording.

I really like this song! I like the play off of the Christmas colors. Clever lyrics, great voice and good instrumentation.

Hey there, Mister Blues, you cracked me up. You took a standard blues progression and turned it into a humorous Christmas song. Nice instrumentation. Creative hook and pulled it off well.

What can I say, Joe - it's a joy to listen.
Sorry, I recognized your unique voice and style and this review is definitely not anonymous.
I'm not cheating - this is one my favorites of yours.

with respect,

Perfect Holiday song!! Most definitely for a film!!! Love the " blues" smooth vocals!! Great instrumentations!! Love the guitar!!!!! Love it!!!!

Nice Slide work


OOOH that's so it. Wonderful country blues groove. Nice vocal interp, great production

Great Blues voice.

Outstanding lyrics, great vibe, unique juxtaposition of Christmas theme with "the Blues". The vocalist has done a really great job and the guitar playing aint too shabby either! Awesome job!

I like the meaning behind this song, very real, good lyrics

Awesome feel to this tune - might be marketable

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