AMERICA 1.-original.

Story Behind The Song

MY 4th of JULY--offering for my country-USA / I got a thank you note from past FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH / she and her husband GEORGE read it together in The White House.Past U.S.A. president JIMMY CARTER and wife ROSILYN sent me a thank you note for this poem and past Governors of Florida/ JEB BUSH sent his thanks along with CHARLIE CHRIST--and our VIETNAM travelling war memorial wall has 2-CD copies of my recorded version of it and as far as I know-they play it over their PA system from time to time--they played it over their PA system when I presented it to them in PUNTA GORDA FLORIDA at LAISHLY PARK-when they were there. It is also being published in 2 poetry books--one here on the EAST COAST and one on the WEST COAST--the one on the WEST COAST is titled--50 GRERATEST POETS OF MODERN TIMES.--THANXS!--JOE.

Song Description

I have been trying to write a meaningful poem for our country for a long time,this was what i came up with-i am glad to be an American-it is where i was born-it is my country./My poem/AMERICA/is registered with the US COPYRIGHT office along with my recorded version.

Song Length 1:04 Genre Unique - Patriotic, Spoken Word - Poetry
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Diplomatic Subject Country, Nation, Courage
Similar Artists Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson Language English
Era 2000 and later


She was born on the 4th of July
many men fought and lots of widows cried-
though the memories bring us teers,
indepedence has been ours all these years.

People from the globe throughout make us up on freedoms soil,from near and far,
grab and hold on to your freedom while you still can.
Never think that it can't be lost-
our families paid in blood-the highest cost.

She was born on the 4th of July,
AMERICA the beautiful and the amber fields-
still wave their grain-
like our Star Spangled Banner-AMEN.


I can tell you were behind what you speaking about.

i like your voice

Good voice for the job.

Highly original. I like it. I can see some great animation going over this one. Well done. I'm not american by the way!

This will speak to many people very directly. It's nice to hear the sincerity.

Great to the point... good tone in voice... liked it a lot.

Was a good spoken word poem I liked the metaphors and punchlines and the meaning behind it

Well spoken and understood.

Nice poem...

Good Message!!!

I like the subject matter. I liked the way you portrayed and personified America.

You definitely have a unique delivery...there was no hint of emotion yet that is exactly what created a unique sense of emotion...I felt like I was listening to that guy in the cranberry juice tv ad, standing in the cranberry pond w/ the other 2 guys...take care

Publisher DJH Performance DJH

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