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1) We recently got a song accepted on 164 videos on Tik Tok and 15 songs on youtube and 2 songs accepted by Steezy Studios

2) WE currently have gotten 3 different songs on the top 10 list

3) We just got a new placement with The Show "The World Of Dance" with our most famous song in our library by the artist N.A. AURA Copy and Paste this link below to review the song and World Of Dance Show: https://youtu.be/UldWTxXBmHs
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Wabash Canonball is a fun song, easy to listen to!
How did you resurrect Johnny Cash???

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The spirits and the Gods took over!
LC Team

Hi Lyfe, absolutely love your Ring Of Fire!
Such a catchy melody, succinctly performed!
An Eternal Classic! And under 3 minutes!
Five stars any day!
What are you up to these days?
My, "Dear Jane" (feat: Tim Patterson) starts with that Ring Of Fire vibe!

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I am up to alot of organizing and cataloging as well as branding!As well as building relationships.
How about yourself, what are you up to as of late?
LC Team

Jim Aitken
2 days ago

The usual! Just finished writing latest song and ensuring melody is right before getting music created!
Awaiting my guitarist to find time to start on the backing for another song he has had for months.
Starting a Story Project with songs to match!
Who knows when/if it will come together!

Thanks much for taking the time to listen to and review "GO! Omaha". That's a piece that I wrote for a video that I created for the Omaha Chamber of Commerce many moons ago. They used it to usher in their new economic development slogan... you guessed it... GO! Omaha.

I like your idea of adding more vocals. I think I'll play with that idea and see what happens.

Thanks again!

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You're welcome Frank!Great Stuff!
LC Team

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