05. Tragedy

Song Description

inspired by John Mayer's "Gravity".

Song Length 4:13 Genre Blues - General, Blues - Modern
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Poignant Subject General, Protest
Language English Era 2000 and later



Tragedy throughout the world today
And Tragedy isn't how it ought to be

Can't understand this pain I see
Can't reconcile this third degree
We're better than this you and me

Oh tragedy throughout the world today
And tragedy isn't how it ought to be

Let's take a stand for our fellow man
And fix these things - create a ban
On all that's wrong
Let's use our strength to better man
Let's use our strength to better man

Tragedy I won't let you win with me
And tragedy come to and end you'll see
Watch and you'll see

I want you to join in with me
I want you to join in with me
Let's create how it should be
With all our love we'll set us free
These human goals comfort me

Good piece with a good message. Instrumentation and arrangement are top notch and ideal for this piece. Vocals very good.

wow, long time since I actually listen to a whole song with complete anticipation, This is a great song and your a great player. not a thing wrong here.

Singer has a very familiar sounding voice that I gravitated to right away, similar to band like the Allman Bros. and Skynard, playing is smooth and fluid throughout.

Really nice moody feel. I love the way the changes move together, flawless. Wow! Really digging this song man. All the instrumentation is top shelf. Very nice work!! All the best to you,.

a slow burning chilled out blues track. with some very good vocals. high quality production , good backing rhythm and instrumentation. the vocals make the track.

Nice... blues is perfect for the sound for your voice almost reminds me of Jeff Healey. nice touch on geetar

Very good job! Love the vocal and lyrics.

Takes me back to my days in the late 60' 70's. Message is expressed well.

Yep,the real thing,great job guys.

DAM!--this is perfect all the way around--i love it--thanxs----nashvillejoe-----------heck,i could listen to this jam all day long--

nice guitar work! and nice blend of voice & guitar

Lyrics Starburst Music Starburst
Producer Studio Pros, Los Angeles Publisher Starburst


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