Well.......we finally made it to 2022,  and I really still don't care!!
Hopefully you never get this insect you are seeing........it's a Stink Bug and they are a Bitch to get rid of!!!

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WE are still alive here on planet Earth......traveling at 1.3 million miles per hour, theoretically thru the Cosmos, as the crow flies!!!

Oh, crap!!! That is Really, Really Fast...Buckle-Up!!
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Hey Art.... Guitar Center and Sweetwater has Lurrsen Mastering Console for the same price $159.00

Thanks y'all for the nice review of "Hero". Thought I might share something with you.... I told BJ Iwas gonna let everybody I know on BJ about how I was screwed out of $159.00 I paid for software. It was for Lurrsen Mastering. Between BJ and IK, the 3rd party. Be became IMPOSSIBLE to down load the product...no real help from either party. They got the $$$$. I got nothing but a headache. So be wary about buying stuff in the market place.. just saying!

My home page says I have 2 unread messages.... I go there and its an older message I got from you. Am I missing something?

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Margie & Art Corey
2 weeks ago

Sky High, the Broad Jam site is a tad F***-Up these day!! I can't get into my Broad Jam site from AOL, I have to go to Google?? WTF???
Art Corey

2 weeks ago

My phone says I have a message drum you......but do you think I can find it? If it's not me, then you is the dummy here? BJs new platform? or? and this not the first time I couldn't fine a comment after I'd been notified of one....Is this new platform time?

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