Video Preview for "Last Game In Town" by Greg Johnson

Penny Towers New Album Promo

Penny Towers Covers Popular Songs of the 20th Century

Greg Johnson - Illusion

Greg Johnson: Me & the Moon

Greg Johnson: Lonely Again

Greg Johnson: What Ya Done To Me

Greg Johnson: The Right Lane of Life

Greg Johnson: Your Smile Looks Like Sunshine

Greg Johnson: Sleepy Sunday

Greg Johnson: When Smokey Plays

Greg Johnson: Winter Leaves

Greg Johnson: I Like The Night

Greg Johnson: I See You

This Charade by Earl C. Webb featuring TonyG

Adrenaline Rush

The Best Things About Love Are Free

Movie Trailer for "The Case of the Time Traveling Serial Killer"

Pink Moon (hi rez version)

I Guess We're Done

Vodka in the Morning

Jay's LoFi Music

Starburst Records 2021 Compilation Album

Heavenly Sheets

another christmas song

Beat The Halls


Desert Heart

Mama Never Told You

Back To Motown!


None by Austin Tyl3r (aka Wes Dinwiddie) & Johnny Starburst (aka Jay Carney)

Imaginary Dance

Chasing Shadows by Earl C. Webb

Sleepy Sunday Album

Interview of Penny Towers & Jay Carney on the Dimitri K Lite Lounge internationally syndicated radio show

The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep, a LoFi Film Noir Classic in 10 Episodes

Poet, Prophet, Sinner, Saint

Into You Eyes by Felice Kaye-Cooper, Official Music Video

Marionette's Parade

Still Upright - Monochrome Version

Dream Sequences by Paul Anthony, Video Teaser

Greg Johnson Covers the Masters

The Case of the No Good Low Down Creep, Episodes 1, 2 & 3

Ep 1 "Gumshoe Cruisin'" of The No Good Low Down Creep, a LoFi Film Noir Classic in 10 Episodes

Ep 2 "You Dirty Rat" of The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep, a LoFi Film Noir Classic in 10 Episodes

Ep 3 "Mega Creep" of the 10 Episode series "The Case of the No Good Low Down Creep", a LoFi Film Noir Classic starring Penny Towers in 3 lead roles

Chica especial (Kinda Girl Spanish Version) by Leiza Michaels

The Lonely Guitar by Felice Kaye-Cooper ft. Stefano

The Older You Get, Spanish Version called: Al envejecer

Hechizame (Charm Me) by Leiza Michaels

Mi perdiciĆ³n (Pure White Snow)


Felice Kaye-Cooper: Paris Lights

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Cover)

Crawling (Linkin Park Cover)

Same Gender Loving, Terry Blade

Strewing - Empire State

The Moon Just Seems To Know

This Is LoFi

CD Release Party for The San Carlos Sessions

Shine ft. Earl C.Web

Official Trailer for Track 8 of American Descendant of Slavery, The Album

American Descendent of Slavery, The Album

New School Swing ft. Amvis teaser video

Happy Holidays & 2020 Year in Review


DJ Dionysus' "Complicated"

Carolina EP Preview

Johnny Starburst Jazz Collection, Vol. III

Smokin Chillex by L O F I L U V

My Heart Belongs To You ft. Eric Tyler

Steel Back, EP Promo Video

Vinni Hamilton Productions song Swinger

Child of Mine teaser video preceding release

The Rain by Felice Kaye-Cooper

The Lonely Guitar by Felice Kaye-Cooper


One World by Revdoc & the Sahlens

Photo Ops From Hell

Let Me Breathe

Silly Girl

Pretty Sparrow

Destination: Paradise

The Chain

Feather in the Wind, a tribute to the only truly authentic Americans

Aimlessly Spellbound by TokoName

Our World ft. PGO & Paul Messina

Morning Walk by TokoName


Presenting Penny Towers

Introducing Late Evening Wind by TOKONAME

Pure White Snow

The Older You Get

Movin' Too Slow

HeartBroke in LA by Greg Johnson

Sleepy Sunday Preview

A Different Kind of Sleep

2 pts penance

The Bitter End

Charity begins at home

A Beliza Dorme Video Teaser

Video teaser for Peter's new album

La Bruja ("The Witch")

Madam Liberty

Keeper of the Truth

1-27-17 Teaser-Supermassive black Hole

Teaser for Lorena Robles Album

Fellini's ft. Adrenax

Our Secret ft. Adrenax

Morning in the Afterlife ft. Adrenax

Feather in the Wind

Suite of Lies featuring Adrenax

Sometimes in Winter

Bustin' Chops

Recent Starburst Licensing Placements

Starburst Music Video Logo

Trapped starring the great Brazilian Artist Santolin

Brazilian version of So You Think You Can Cry

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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