06. Oh My Lordy

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Bluegrass
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)



Oh my father who art in heaven
Tried to hallow your name since seven
Your nuns' rulers cracked my hands
Turned my faith to the badlands
Oh my Lordy
Way up there in heaven

I aint been chasing your kingdom come
Specially with some things I done
Oh please I said bring no temptation
These prayers failed with great sensation
Oh my Lordy
Way up there in heaven

As you look down from your throne above
Could you please send me some extra love
Trying to be the best that I can be
There's so much down here tempting me

I forgive all who have harmed me
But the same's not been done for me
And I asked you deliver me from evil
But my life's full of nasty upheaval
Oh my Lordy
Way up there in heaven

Sure you got the power and the glory
But that's not the whole gosh darn story
For Satan still is worshipped here
Specially after we drink too much beer
Oh my Lordy
Way up there in heaven

As you look down from your throne above
Could you please send me some extra love
Trying to be the best that I can be
There's so much down here tempting me


Although I get my daily bread
Some of us starve each day instead
Oh Lord your prayer's a holy one
Thy will be done, thy will be done
Oh my Lordy
Way up there in heaven
Oh my Lordy
Way up there in heaven
Oh my Lordy
Way up there in heaven

I love Blue Grass. Great song, very fun. Your voice sounds similar to Brad Paisley. Great song.

nice voice fits perfect

Oh My Lordy! Like the groove. Good Bluegrass tune and the Vocal was a good fit for the song. Good guitar pickin'... creative song!

Love it!!!! so clean, so smooth!! The vocal tone is absolutely fantastic, i'd cut of my pinky to have a low end vocal like that :) The instrumentation was perfect for the song. Loved the lyrics. over all this is a well crafted song.

Really lovely feel

ha!--this is really a neat song--this could or should be played on country radio--i think it would be a hit on country radio--my thoughts on it anyway---lyrics/music/singing---just right--

cool rift and nice tune!
like the pickin and the message
lyrics and melody line fit perfectly!
nicely done

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