03. Palomino Pony

Song Description

Palomino Pony was inspired by Keith Urban's "You'll Think of Me" and tells the story of lost love, starting from a young boy losing his wild stallion of a horse on the ranch, then only to also lose his wild stallion of a woman as a young man.

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Rock



She gallops with such energy way out there all alone
It brought my heart tremendous joy when I corralled her for my own
First weeks then months I worked so hard to tame that splendid beast
But all the time I could sense she was really not at peace
Then one spring day came home to see that she had run away
That sudden rush of heartfelt pain stays with me to this day

She's a Palomino pony running wild in the wind
A precious gift from God that's bordering on sin
Her brilliant untamed spirit drives her to be free
Now I understand just why she left me
A Palomino Pony must always run free

I met a perfectly imperfect girl who meant the world to me
Her silken hair and bright blue eyes were all I cared to see
But all the time I could sense she was really not at peace
I would have spent my life with her or most of it at least
I woke one day at early dawn to find she was gone for good
Again that tragic crush of pain till then misunderstood


I loved them both so very much
And wanted them with me
It took the strength of all my love
To watch them both run free


My new highest-rated track on Broadjam! Very tight vocals and the instrumentation was very complimentary. Excellent storyline, excellent lyrics and like my own songwriting the emphasis was clearly on melody. Well done across the board.

Not very good. Too sappy for today

I loved this song. Very easy on the ears. Great voice, words and melody. I could listen to you sing all day. Bravo, great job.

Great vocals and harmonies. I loved the guitar lead in. Nice pickin'.

Great, catchy chorus, fine production and performance. The song has great potential as a single in it's own right or as a film track.

Just an amazing song!!!! Vocals and instrumentation were superb with a nice blending. The story line lyrics help to make this a 5 Star song. Absolutely loved listening and will listen again. Well done and hope to see you make it to the big top. The talent is there to do so. Best of luck and keep putting out songs like this one....

Almost perfection! Clear good production. Good song writing form and lyrics. Beautiful voice. Nicely done.

This is an excellent song. Very, very strong lyrics. Every line means something- it's poetic yet accessible. Lines like "A gift from God that's bordering on sin" are great. The lead vocal is strong, the arrangement is perfect for the song. A memorable hook that sticks in your head. This song is commercial and artistic at the same time. Great job.

Lyrics Starburst Music Publishing, LLC Music Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Producer Martin Young Publisher Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
Label Starburst Music Publishing, LLC
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