Jim Aitken is relatively "late to the table" as someone who writes his own lyrics and accompanying music.
His Songs are brought to life by Select and Great Artists!

"The Promise", won "The Muse Songwriters" monthly Lyric Competition.
The Lyric, "Sunset" was Finalist in the UKSC!
It has still to be Recorded and Released!j
Other songs have achieved Semi Finalist status over the last two years.

Jim leans towards songs with a story! I.e. (Leonard Cohen and Gordon Lightfoot).

Tim Patterson, on Broadjam, brings the (more Country Style) songs to life! "Reach The Sky", "My Last Farewell" and "One Night Stand"!

Kimberley Dunn elevates the songs, "The Promise", "Drift Away" and "One Night Stand" so beautifully!

"Covid has started a journey I wish to continue"
BMI Member!

Latest News

"One Night Stand" has been selected by The Perpetual Music Group, Syncshoppe and Tinderbox Companies and is now on, In -Store Playlists, under consideration for tv programs and advertising.
In 2019 UKSC, "Sunset" was a Finalist! In 2021 UKSC, "The Promise" is a Finalist in the Crisis Lyrics category. In 2021 World Songwriters Awards, "Drift Away" is a Top Ten finalist. In 2021/22 Dallas Songwriters Contest "The Promise" was in the (Last Eight)
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Hi Jim,
I just listened to "Drift Away Ensemble". Very nice piece! I love the melodies/harmonies from the two violins... nice choices on instrumentation/arrangement. I also like where you take the song melodically from the from front to the back.

Well done! 5 Stars from me!


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Jim Aitken
3 weeks ago

Much appreciated comments Frank!
You may prefer Instrumentals, but in your own time pleases hear, "The Promise", "I See Her Dancing" and "One Night Stand"!

over 30 days ago to Jim Aitken

Hey Jim , just listened to I see her dancing - wow you have a wonderful voice, and you can tell a story. Found myself getting a little teary halfway thru actually. But the song has a great lilting feel so it keeps the enrgy going. Lovely, really lovely!

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Jim Aitken
over 30 days ago

Sorry Di, I didn't mean to mislead you! I do not sing on my songs.
I only write the Lyrics and the Music!
I record me singing with guitar and send it to a musician to have the music created. I then send to a singer. I have been fortunate enough to use great singers to match the songs. Tim Patterson from Florida has sung most.
Kimberley Dunn from Ottawa sings, beautifully, "The Promise", "Drift Away" and "One Night Stand,"
If you were Teary at "I See her....." you better have a tissue ready for both, "Drift Away" and, "The Promise"
If you enjoy any of the songs feel free to select the No. of Stars they deserve!
That is what helps our songs go up the Top Ten Charts on here!
Will hear more from your stable!
Cheers, jim

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Jim Aitken

Hi Jim,
I'm very grateful for the support you've given Glendalough, many thanks.

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