Second fall of Rome

Song Description

America's eventual fall

Song Length 3:31 Genre Rock - Alternative


Second fall of Rome

Used to think we had it all figured out
Used to be beyond a shadow of a doubt
The colours are changing. They're changing fast
My grade three teacher said it could not last

You get a little older and forget the history books
You think this kind of thing don't deserve a second look
The colour of my skin and the level of my wage
It's just a different kind of reading on a different page

London had its summer, Berlin its spring
There was a time when Paris was the thing
But come with me and we'll watch the second fall of Rome

You can't select them all and push delete
My mother told me you gotta be gracious in defeat
There really isn't anything from this you can learn
We had a nice long ride, it's someone else's turn

And if I told you it was all heaven sent
Eventually money earned is money spent
Don't worry baby, no don't even sweat
You knew someone else was going to take the bet

When it fell originally
I wonder did they even know
Did they write each other
Or call each other on the phone?

Lyrics scott Paterson Music scott Paterson
Producer scott Paterson Publisher scott Paterson
Performance scott Paterson Label scott Paterson
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